The Monkey’s New Drum

ISBN: 1600442145
ISBN 13: 9781600442148
By: Sandy Sepehri

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Children Picture Myths Storytime

About this book

Folklore About Overcoming Obstacles And Being A Friend. Correlated To Common Core, Texas TEKS, Virginia Sols, And Georgia Performance Standards. - GRL R

Reader's Thoughts

Brianna Mathes

A monkey that is so full of himself, always makes fun of a turtle. Oneday the turtle gets tired of it and asks its friend, the crab, to help him beat the monkey at something. The turtle decides to challenge the monkey to a where whoever gets to the bottom of the tree first wins. The turtle hides inside its shell and drops from the tree and beats the monkey. The turtle then decides to be a good sport and give the turtle a drum. They all become friends and every night they listen to the monkey beat on the drum and make rythms. I thought this book was okay and sort of boring, since I feel I'm too old for stories like these. I would not recommend this book to 4th graders and up because we will not enjoy it as much as little kids woould.

Msjennifers Corner

Monkey never quite learns a lesson in my book and yet turtle befriends him anyway. I guess he is trying to be proactive and reasoning that maybe monkey isn't nice because he has no friends.

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