The More, The Merrier (The Amazing Days of Abby Hayes, #8)

ISBN: 043935367X
ISBN 13: 9780439353670
By: Anne Mazer Martin Matje Monica Gesue

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Abby Hayes Childhood Children Childrens Favorites Fiction Middle Grade Realistic Fiction Series To Read

About this book

When Ms. Bunder asks the class to write about their bedrooms, Abby realizes her room is boring--until she decides to paint it purple.

Reader's Thoughts

Lauren Tong



Abby is a very curious girl


Abby Hayes is planning to have a party and her parents said yes but most people in her class thought her bedroom was boring so she decided to paint it purple and add purple things to it.the party was a disaster so she decided to show everybody her room.I learned not to invite to many people.the best part was when she decided to show everybody her room the wost part was when the party was a disaster.Auryn 7yo


Theres always a freedom to do things. Like how Abby got a freedom to re-do her room.


I read this a really long time ago...I guess I was 12 or 13 back then. But I remember that I really, really loved it. It was sort of along the line of Junie B. Jones books, but much sweeter, cuter, and innocent--more my taste,I guess. Millions of years later I am thinking about reading the whole series just for the joy of reading kids books.


Awesome!I read i with my grade 4 teacher

Maysa Abou khalil

I liked in this story that everybody thought that her room was very boring pinkish so then when she showed them her room in her party they all got amazed and started asking her if she can paint their room. I didn't like in the story when the party was a big disaster and boring and she was very sad because the guests were bored and wanted to go home

Adiva Siddeky

I think that it was cool that Abby painted her whole room , purple. I also liked that part. I didn't like it when Abby invited two mean girls named Brianna, and Victoria. I think that Abby shouldn't invite Brianna and Victoria because then they would both mess up the party.I was impressed that Abby used two whole gallons of purple paint to paint up her whole room.I was also impressed that Abby did it all alone by herself with no help from her parents or her little brother or her two supersibs.


I remember I read this in the 4th grade!!!! I still really liked it. It was fun to read. i recommend these books to anyone who has a younger sibling.

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