The Nannies (Nannies, #1)

ISBN: 038573283X
ISBN 13: 9780385732833
By: Melody Mayer

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About this book

Good girls.Life in La Crosse couldn’t be any blah-er. Kiley’s way out? A pricey school in California that she can only afford if she’s a resident of the Golden State. That’s why she’s on Platinum Nanny, vying for the chance to work for a wacko rock star–or be sent home nationally humiliated.Wild girls.Lydia has spent eight years stuck in the Amazon with her do-gooding parents. When her aunt offers her a lifeline–babysitting in posh Bel Air–Lydia hops the next plane to civilization. Pucci sandals, poolside cabanas, clubbing in Hollywood It spots–was there even a question she’d accept? Now she just has to find a cute pool boy to make up for all that lost time. . . .Wilder boys.Moving into the guesthouse of one of Beverly Hills’ most powerful families isn’t exactly what Esme had in mind for a summer job. Neither was losing her head over Jonathan, her new boss’s almost famous (and already hot) son. Safe to say her boyfriend isn’t going to like this.Grab your sunglasses and welcome to The Nannies, a crazy world of Hollyweird backstabbing and skyscraping palm trees, spoiled tots and private swim lessons. But how hard can a nanny job be? After all, eight to four is kid time. After that? It’s our time.

Reader's Thoughts


Really good


Do not read unless you are over the age of 18.


Considering I had very few expectations of this book, I wasn't disappointed. This is vapid, light reading for the beach or a very boring plane flight. All the boys are pretty and all the girls get what they want.Not a shocker considering the author herself has only experienced nannydom from the point of view of having one. She is a Hollywood rich kid, born and raised. So it is little woder these characters are as underdeveloped as they come. Granted, she tried to give them depth but it felt forced. How the hell does the author expect to write form the point of view of a girl who basically spend most of her life in the Amazon when she herself lived in the lap of luxury?Oh well. One more down. Don't bother with this one unless you are a fan of MTV's The Hills and such.Some idiot Amazon reviewer says these were better than the Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants books. Hahahahahahaha... yeah. Ok.

Angela Schwitters

Girly book that talks about these thee different girls with completly different lives, and they all happen to meet and bbecome good friends


The author profile of this book tells us she is part of a "fifth-generation Hollywood family" and the book totally belies a lack of knowledge about the real world. Not that it needs to be down to earth, but it was so ridiculous in terms of defining other culture that I got annoyed. Totally light reading, I still read the entire thing, but felt annoyed.


funny. shallow.

Aliisa Percival

I had a really productive trip to the library this month but this book was my one misstep. Not offensive, moderately enjoyable, but total empty calories. No benefit.


Eh. Three girls become nannies in LA. Not much plot or anything really about actually being a nanny. Definitely set up for sequels.


Cheap knockoff of the AuPairs

Brittany Kammerer

I picked Melody Mayer's "The Nannies" as a light read from my local library. I wouldn't say it was the best book I have ever read but it was pretty good. The characters were light and fun with a little bit of sass. Definitely a different book than anything I have read before. Each girl nannies for rich kids and each of the characters live different lives. Read if you like a fun book and want to experience what it is like to nanny for rich families.


A short story of three nannies from very different worlds. Not the best book, but entertaining for young adults.


It was a good book because you never knew if Kiley would win the contest!


The Nannies was about three girls from different worlds. Who knew they would all become nannies and best friends. This book thought me to always take oppurtinities and that drama will come in your life, you just have to learn to live with it. This book really goes into the reality of teen girls, it can teach you a lot.


Somehow, at that time, I was very interested with their lives. Lives of those people who witness the 'not-so-glitzy' reality of the Queens and Kings of California and their little princes and princesses. I like how it was told; a bit 'teeny-bopper' but it was fresh and I liked where the characters were headed.


i found the book really interesting i guess i wouldent say its a very good book , but it soo not badits just very entertainig and i liked it

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