The Next 100 Years: Predictions to the Nations and the Church of the 21st Century

ISBN: 1886296316
ISBN 13: 9781886296312
By: Dennis Cramer

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About this book

A startling 21st century detailed prophecy recorded in October 1997! Gain important prophetic "inside information" about 57 nations: read about upcoming revivals, wars, economic conditions, miracles, weather patterns, population shifts, natural disasters, investments, gavernments, world religions, plus much, much more!

Reader's Thoughts

Richard Zhang

Russia falls. Poland advances eastward. Turkey pushes northward. The Japanese-Turkish Coalition Army deploys its troops against the United States. Are you stunned? Then read this book to find out why.


I particularly enjoyed his prophecy about the "Moses anointing" ... leading entire nations to the Lord. This made quite a few things click in my mind regarding how to prepare ourselves to make that happen when the timing is right from the Lord.

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