The Notebooks of Lazarus Long

ISBN: 074348844X
ISBN 13: 9780743488440
By: Robert A. Heinlein Stephen Hickman

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About this book

Too young to fight in the First World War, but destined to lead the first successful expedition to another star system, the (literally) immortal Lazarus Long is the most popular and enduring character created by Robert A. Heinlein, author of numerous New York Times best sellers. He starred in Heinlein's most popular novels, including Methuselah's Children, Time Enough For Love, The Number Of The Beast, To Sail Beyond The Sunset and others. The oldest living member of the human race due to his unique genes, Long has been a pioneer on eight planets, survived wars and lynch mobs, and explored most of the galaxy. His adventures have given him a breadth of experience distilled through the irony of an immortal viewpoint. But there is nothing pompous about Long's reflections on the human condition. As the noted editor and critic David G. Hartwell has observed, "Lazarus' comments are acute, lively and intelligent." And here they are, compiled in one beautifully designed trade paperback, filled with illuminations and illustrations by renowned Science Fiction artist Stephen Hickman, for the delight of the millions of Heinlein fans around the world.

Reader's Thoughts

Jason Yang

I picked this up at a coffeeshop, not knowing what to expect. There are a lot of funny/interesting statements here, but I get the feeling that I would appreciate this more if I read any of the other works be Heinlein. Apparently, this notebook has something to do with his science fiction series.


Make no mistake-- I love Heinlein, I adore Heinlein, I think the man is a god in the genre but a spastically snarling part of me loathes Lazarus Long. Lazarus Long, the man who lives forever, the man with a brain I envy, the man with many women... I cannot stand him. Starship Troopers and the thirty-second bomb I salute; Stranger in a Strange Land I shed an ironically pathetic tear with; and so goes with most of his work, preachiness and all. (That man had Good Ideas.) Let us be armed, let us be participants in alternative lifestyles, let us be free. When it comes down to it, any work of Heinlein is a pamphlet shouting "Freedom! Independence! Learning!" over the tinny Coldplay piping in over the air conditioner or the stylized pseudo-science that is CSI. As much as I despise the man, let me hold up Lazarus Long as a paragon of a lost society.


"History does not record anywhere at any time a religion that has a rational basis. Religion is not strong enough to stand up to the unknown without help." - Robert Heinlein via Lazarus LongAmazing collection of wisdom and beautiful book if you get a chance to add one to your collection you should. This edition is amazingly illustrated.

Peter rock

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Seizure Romero

I'm rather ambivalent towards most of Heinlein's writing, but this collection of quotes is an entertaining and quick read."A poet who reads his verse in public may have other nasty habits.""It is better to copulate than never."and one that is rather timely:"You can have peace. Or you can have freedom. Don't ever count on having both at once."(reminiscent of a favorite of mine, attributed to Benjamin Franklin: "Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety").


I thought this would be more of a novel, and less notes by the main character. It was interesting, but not as much as I had hoped.


This edition of The Notebooks of Lazarus Long is eloquently illustrated with calligraphy to add a luxury to this wealth of good advice.When I first began reading Heinlein, I was a child of no more than eleven. This, like the book it is collected from (Time Enough for Love), and other of his works played major parts in shaping my personal philosophy, mode of thinking, and subsequently myself into who I am today. That said, I hold a strong bias toward most things Heinlein. I love this collection of quotes and hold its advice overall to be sound and oft humorous and entertaining.

Rick Bavera

Quotable writing from Heinlein. This short book is full of some "deep" thoughts from one of the masters of science fiction. I enjoyed re-reading this book. It went quickly. Agreed with most of what is in it, too. Not all, but most.


Quotes from 'Notebooks' appear just about everywhere. Entire copies of this book are available on many websites. The best thing about the quotes is their original context... which this volume strips away entirely.The contents of this book are merely an excerpt from Heinlein's 'Time Enough For Love,' the magnum opus that gives us the most complete view available of Heinlein's beloved protagonist Lazarus Long. Read as coming from that romantically pragmatic survivalist curmudgeon (can any one person fit that description?), the quotes in 'Notebooks' provide a great nostalgic glimpse into LL's travels across time and space.


A good weekend's enjoyment.


If I were able to do needlepoint, my home would be adorned with many of these quotes.


The Notebooks are contained within Time Enough for Love, but this is just the wonderful gems culled from the book. Lazarus is a riot and Heinlein is a genius.

Delicious Strawberry

Mind you, before you purchase this, you need to know that it is not a novel, but a collection of quotes and such from Lazarus Long, hence the title, although given its length, it should be 'notebook', not 'notebooks'. Some of these quotes you can find in various books with the character, but this book does come in handy because there's some pretty clever quotes here.

Sam Johnsson

Wow. I know it's a classic, and required reading for several of Heinlein's other character arcs, but the middle of this was a slog.


Some observations from Lazarus (the ageless man): Never fight a small man, he'll kill you and the best way to tell a lie is to tell the truth so unconvincingly that no one believes you.

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