The Other Daughter

ISBN: 0752831976
ISBN 13: 9780752831978
By: Lisa Gardner

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Reader's Thoughts

Marta Martins

Great book! Great story, so unbelievably complicated and so simple at the same time! Loved the Melanie character and her pure strength! Loved the way the pieces came together so perfectly. Will be reading Lisa Gardner again very soon with high expectations.

David Roberts

I am reviewing the novel The Other Daughter by Lisa Gardner which is an excellent thriller which I bought from kindle. I really enjoyed reading this book & the tension in the story is almost unbearable. The plot is a serial killer is executed via electric chair in Texas. They have only just brought back executions and it's in the year 1977 so it's controversial. No one though can quibble with the fact the particular criminal is a despicable man. He has raped, tortured and murdered 6 young girls. With the last victim they can't locate the body & also it's different in that a ransom was sent out and the parents paid up but didn't get their daughter back. On the same night he was executed a young girl came into A & E who had been injected with narcotics & the doctor saved her and because they couldn't locate her parents him and his wife adopted her. They're the couple that lost their child & she bears a resemblance to her. The man who was executed had a daughter and the young girl doesn't have any memory of her previous life. 20 years later someone claims she is that mans missing daughter but in the plot we also wonder if she is really her adopted parents daughter whom she resembles. We also start wondering if their is a copycat killer because the man who was executed probably thought he was going to die anyway and wouldn't help them locate his daughter either. This young lady has also been having glimpses into her previous where she thinks she may have been raped & witnessed other girls being abused and killed which may be why she lost her memory. Also it appears someone is trying to kill her because there may be incriminating evidence that connects him to abuse and murder of her and the girl who disappeared. There is a happy ending although she is upset that she resembles the girl that disappeared and that may partly be why they adopted her. The story does have brilliant twists and turns as you can probably tell and I think Gardner is one of the best thriller writers out there.

Ayu Ikhwani

This is my first Lisa Gardner book and to be frank, I was really disappointed. I actually wanted to give it a star and half.I found this while book-browsing at a bookstore nearby. I was impressed seeing so many books by Lisa Gardner so of course it made me more excited to try her book. I mean, if you aren't doing well, you wont have so many titles, would you? I took my time choosing which one I wanted to try first since there was a lot and finally settled with two titles. However, I put one back on the shelf at the last minute.. and am wondering if my subconscious was trying to tell me something.On second thought, maybe I had put my expectations a bit too high..?!First and foremost, the pace is very.. err, confusing. It was all over the place. The characters also didn't seem to develop much which left me quite lost at times. I didn't feel any chemistry between Melanie and David, nor did I feel the so-called 'sexual-tension' between them. In fact, if it were really life, I'd say they'd had parted ways as soon as the case was closed.Dr Stokes Sr did seem as rotten as he turned out to be, but maybe that was because we know early on that he's a bad seed. Dr Stokes Jr, on the other hand was described as troubled but I didn't see any of that throughout the book. So yeah, it was described (told by other people) how disturbed Brian was, but whenever his actual character appeared in the book, there was nothing much to support that.The mother though was the one best described, even if she was a drunkard and all. She sort of shone even more than Melanie who's supposed to be the main character. As for Jamie, the godfather, its nice to find at least one character who'd evoke even a tiny bit of emotion in you (love him because he's charming at first, and hate him for being.. well, him.. in the end)I took so long in reading (while finding excuses to ignore it) this book that I could've finished overnight. And it didn't help that the ending was a bit to sudden that I had to recheck the pages if I had missed some. Though I have to give some credit that I didn't see, until halfway through the book, who the bad guy was.Now I'm thinking of giving Lisa Gardner another chance and try her other books.. or should I just forget about her altogether?!

M.M. Silva

Happy first day of September! Does this mean summer is coming to an end?? Say it isn’t so…Anyway, I have a GREAT read for you for this week called The Other Daughther by Lisa Gardner. I’ve read some of Gardner’s series starring main character D. D. Warren, and I liked those, so I thought I’d give this book a shot, and it did not disappoint.This story is about a young lady named Melanie Stokes who was abandoned in a hospital twenty years prior and subsequently adopted by one of the wealthy surgeons and his wife. She’s raised with love and all things money can buy, but one day–out of the blue–a reporter tracks her down to tell her that she’s really the daughter of a serial killer who was coincidentally put to death twenty years ago. While Melanie tries to ignore the allegations, some strange and scary events begin to occur which force her to face her past. And she realizes the family who “randomly” adopted her has possibly been lying to her for decades. By her side throughout the ordeal is an FBI agent with some ghosts of his own, and sparks quickly fly between the two…not enough to make you vomit, but just the right amount.This is a very quick read, but you need to be paying attention because of all the twists and turns. I had to force myself to slow down a couple of times to make sure I had everything right in my head. It was a great book, and Gardner did a masterful job of tying up a million loose ends to make a nice and tidy conclusion. So give this one a go, and ’til next week, happy reading!


I like Lisa Gardner’s suspense thrillers for their fast pace and many twists. The Other Daughter was no different – with just enough romance thrown in to offset the darker elements of the story, it contained enough false leads and 180 degree turn-arounds to keep me guessing until close to the end. However, I must admit that for me the plot was a little bit too far fetched, which took away a lot of the enjoyment and the suspense, despite its action-packed finale. I think that basing the whole plot on the protagonist’s amnesia is always a bit troublesome – especially when the character then conveniently remembers things just in the right moments of the story … not very credible, I’m afraid. Which may be the reason I found it hard to engage with Melanie, not to mention the rest of this very dysfunctional family – and did not much care for what happened to them in the end. When Melanie finally solves the mystery of her origins, I felt that the outcome was no better than any of the alternatives (not saying any more, as I do not want to give anything away). I have had better from Gardner, but nevertheless a readable thriller if you’re stuck for something else to read.


I've read other Lisa Gardner books in the past and felt like a mystery/suspense so I picked this up and read it on my vacation. It was a pretty fast read - 2 to 3 days (but of course I was on vacation) - and for the most part I liked it. It was a little predictable. I was able to guess the ending maybe half-way or two-thirds in, but I still enjoyed it. I liked that the hero was physically flawed and had some real issues. The heroine occasionally got a little 'princessy', but it never got too annoying. I hadn't realized how long ago the book was published though until I started reading and realized that they were still using pagers/beepers and public pay phones, lol. I enjoy Lisa Gardner and would definitely read more of her books, though her later ones that I have read are definitely more polished. Overall I would recommend it if you want something quick to read that you don't have to think too hard about.


This book intrigued me at the start. The setup for the mystery was bizarre but compelling: Melanie, 29, was adopted at the age of 9 by a family who had lost their first daughter. A reporter approaches her at the beginning to tell her that her real father was a sadistic serial killer and the man who had murdered her parents' first daughter. After that all the key players start getting notes saying, "You get what you deserve." The reporter is murdered. Melanie is almost murdered. Everyone in the family is harboring secrets and the whole thing is coming apart. It's hard to review mystery novels because a lot hinges on the reveal and I can't tell you about that without spoiling the book. I can't honestly say the ending was predictable, though the outcome was one of several possibilities I seriously considered. The trouble was that even though for a time I was sure I had it figured out (and I did), I ended having to dismiss my guess because the facts weren't adding up. When the ending came and all the details were revealed I felt the same way -- that it didn't quite add up. My biggest problem was the fact that Melanie was adopted as a 9-year-old with no memories. I found that somewhat convenient at first because her memories clearly held the key to the whole puzzle. And though she regains *some* of her memories at the end I still had two big questions: 1.) Why did she lose her memory in the first place?2.) What else wasn't she remembering? The characters were fine. They were diverse and fairly well drawn, although I didn't connect with anyone, not even Melanie or David. There was a minor romantic subplot between Melanie and David (FBI) that struck me as pointless. I'm usually all about romantic subplots but in this case it felt like the tragic result of a modern trend to put romantic subplot in every book regardless of whether or not it needs one. Sometimes a mystery is just a mystery. It's okay. I'm not sure whether to recommend this to mystery fans or not. I'm not as well-read in mystery as other genres so maybe I'm being too hard on it. I'm mostly annoyed that at the end I didn't feel that, "Aha!' moment. I felt an, "Ooooookay" moment. :)

Dana Marie

This is not the first book that I read by Lisa Gardner and it's a good thing. If I had, I would not read anything else by her. Fortunately, the first book I read by her is part of the DD Warren series and I've become caught up in the lives of Ms. Warren and her former lover Bobby Dodge. The Other Daughter has an interesting premise - On the day that a convicted serial killer is executed, a young girl is found abandoned in a hospital across the country. She's adopted by the Stokes, parents of Meagan Stokes, one of the girls the serial killer has confessed to killing. Years later, a reporter down on his luck shows up at the Stokes home and tells Melanie that he believes she's the serial killer's daughter. Then everyone is receiving notes saying "You get what you deserve." What does it all mean?Cool, right? That's what I thought. Unfortunately, there is so much going on in this book that you have the worst time keeping up. By the end, the suspenseful twist isn't that suspenseful anymore because there's all these other suspenseful twists thrown in. There's too much details about each character - Melanie's ex-fiance cheated on her but also told her that he was worse off than her because she was adopted but he wasn't. So when she's recounting the story to the FBI agent, it's not clear why she broke up with him. Harper, Melanie's father, is charming and wonderful, but also cheats on his wife. There's the recovering alcoholic mother, the awesome god-father who halfway through the book isn't so charming but runs guns. There's the FBI agent, working under cover, that just happens to rescue Melanie from the reporter and her horrible migraine. Melanie manages to eavesdrop on a call where the FBI agent is carrying on a monologue about how his partner, rookie Chenney, should follow the ex-fiance. The profiler from Quantico not only has no problem talking to the FBI agent over speaker phone, he's okay with letting Melanie hear the entire thing as well. AND, dun dun dun, it's possible that someone in Melanie's family was responsible for Meagan's death.I have no problem suspending disbelief but this book required me to not only suspend disbelief but take it out back, shoot it, and bury it.


I just finished "The Other Daughter" by Lisa Gardner on the 30th or 31st. It was an amazing book, and only took me a few days to read. It revolves around a woman around my age named Melanie Stokes. She was adopted by a rich family who took really good care of her. And then a reporter shows up and tells her about everything he dug up on her past. The book gets really intense from there. The cast of characters is really well described. I felt like I knew each and every one of them. I was happy when they were happy, but felt their pain also. I don't want to spoil anything for anyone, but I never saw the ending coming! Very well written!

Ursula Gorman

This one was good, but different. I liked it, and even though I figured out the ending before it was actually revealed, I still have a little trouble swallowing the 'twist'. I can't say why it bothers me because it'll give the story away...That being said, it is a good book and even though the end raised some questions with the twist, I still reccommend it to mystery/romance readers. It would have been a 5 star rating had it not been for my own issues with the end...Give it a try, I think you'll be happy you did. It isn't a cliff hanger, so if that is what you are thinking, no worries there!

Amber Adamchuk

I love how Lisa Gardner gets right off to action in most of her books! And this one did not disappoint! You start off with an exacution and move right into the life of Melanie Sstokess adopted 9 year without a past. There are several key players that each have a significant part in Melanie's life past present and future. There is not a dull moment in this book. You have to pay close attention or you might miss the clues to " daddy's girl". Of course you got a little romance mixed into this action packed drama! If you enjoy who done it's and disfuntional families this is the book for you!


Twenty years ago, Melanie Stokes was abandoned in a Boston hospital, then adopted by a wealthy couple. Gifted with a loving family, Melanie has always considered herself lucky. Until tonight.Melanie has no memory of her life before the adoption. Now someone wants to give it back, even if it includes the darkest nightmare the Stokes family ever faced: the murder of their first daughter in Texas. As Melanie desperately searches for her real identity, two seemingly unrelated events from the past will come together in a dangerous explosion of truth.As Melanie pursues every lead and chases after shadows in search of her real identity. Two seemingly unrelated events will come together in a dangerous explosion of truth. And with her life at stake Melanie will come to fear the family she loves maybe the people she should trust the least!


In 1977 a man named Russell Lee Holmes was put to death for murdering six young children. It was believed that Russell was single and had no children. The day he was to die, he admits to a local reporter that he also killed 4-year old Meagan Stokes five years earlier.On the same night he is put to death, a9-year old child is found drugged and abandoned at a Boston hospital by none other than Dr. Harper Stokes, Meagan's father. The Stokes adopt the abandoned girl (Melanie) and for twenty years their life is perfect.Now 20 years later, Melanie receives a disturbing phone call from a sleazy tabloid reporter claiming SHE is Russell Lee Holmes's child - the same man who was put to death in 1977.A cover-up and conspiracy is unearthed and Melanie turns to FBI Agent David Riggs for help. Did Russell Lee Holmes kill Meagan Stokes 25 years ago? If not, then who did? What happened to little Meagan and who were Melanie's birth parents?This suspenseful thriller kept me glued until the very last page. Just when I thought I'd figured everything out, the author throws another curve ball that squashed my theory!Excellent story!


Finished this quickly on the plane. Great summer beach book! I went to the library to gert more of her books for instant gratification!


I enjoyed reading this book and I rate it : above average. The good thing about it, is that it keeps you wondering about the true identity of the main character Mellanie till the very end and you get the surprise you expected. The pace of the events is not as fast as it should be. I didn't get to like any of he characters, not even Mellanie....I didn't hate them either, I suppose that's a negative. I didn't like that David suffered from a crippling arthritis, no good reason for that, but I just found it annoying. Ofcourse I find it unconvincing that a mother doesn't recognize her own daughter even after being separated from her for several years and believing she was dead. Also, that an eight year old girl should suffer amnesia , and to continue to lack any memory of those years throughout her adult life except for a few dim flashes,..and for her Godfather to rely so confidently on that amnesia.....I kinda have a problem with that! However, I had a nice time reading this book and will look for other books for the same author.

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