The Outlaw Varjak Paw

ISBN: 0385750447
ISBN 13: 9780385750448
By: S.F. Said

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About this book

Having saved the city cats from a fate worse than death, Varjak Paw finds himself the leader of a new gang. But will the pressure take its toll on this brave but sometimes naive cat? Soon the city erupts in an all-out gang war as the evil Sally Bones attempts to control all cats. Horrified and outnumbered, Varjak and the others must fight for their freedom or die trying.

Reader's Thoughts


A great sequel to Varjak Paw, this stories plot betters the first, but the writer runs out of steam in terms of taoism

Luca A

This book is also good it's about Varjak learning 7 battle skills to defeat the evil sally bones.

Joseph Sanchez

This is a great sequel to a great book. I enjoyed reading this up to the final battle versus Sally Bones. I expected a more climactic final battle, but was disappointed in the engagement. However, the story is told well, keeping a reader interested from beginning to end. I wished for more interaction between Varjak and Jalal. I find that the lessons he learned from him were vital to his survival, but I also believe that many of the lessons could be used by the children who read this book, too. Open Mind, Awareness, Hunting, and Trusting Yourself come to mind as being realistically beneficial. In this book Varjak learns that he cannot succeed by himself. Nobody can. He enlists the aid of Cludge and his family, the Scratch Sisters, Holly, Tam, Mrs. Moggs, the 'Orrible Twins, and believe it or not, Razor. Even thinking that you have mastered everything, you will always discover that there is at least one who is more skilled or more knowledgable. It is an enlightening tale, full of action, and fun to read.


This book was so intense! I love Varjak Paw and his friends!


the best book in the world

Samantha Lindsay

This was one of my favourite book as a child/teen. I was about to head of into high school where I came across this book accidently. This was one of the novels that started my love for books. I'd recommend this book for teens or any cat lover out there. S.F.Said done a wonderful job and I have to thank him for writing this book. This story follows a warrior cat called Varjak Paw who is the leader of a gang. It is written from the cats point of view and it follows Varjak Paws many adventures.


This was pretty much along the same lines as the first one, though the plot overall moved towards a more obvious conclusion. There was one surprisingly touching part, though, which I really wasn't expecting from a book about talking cats...

Althea Ann

The sequel to 'Varjak Paw' tells the further adventures of the alley cat who speaks to his Mesopotamian ancestor in his dreams - and has learned the mystical ninja-cat fighting skills of legend from him.Now, Varjak and his friends are up against a cruel gang of bullies. It's the dead of winter, food is scarce, and Sally Bones' gang is taking over the city. And, unfortunately, Sally Bones' fighting skills may be even greater than Varjak's.It's a cute story with a message of loyalty and standing up for oneself.As with the first book, Dave McKean's artwork really makes this story for younger readers stand out.

Dolly Cheer

I read this when I was ten or twelve, and I absolutely loved it. I had no idea it was a sequel, it seemed to me a stand-alone book, but I kept reading it over and over. I loved everything about it, all of the characters and events. There were some scenes I even repetitively went back to. It's an easy, quick read, it's not too violent and gruesome for young readers, it's enjoyable, and I still love it and keep it safe in my closet so it can't get ruined. This is one of those books that comes to mind when someone asks me what are some of my favorite stories. I would suggest this to anyone who likes to read fiction from the perspective of an animal, especially fans of the Warriors series.

Maddie Laidlaw

** spoiler alert ** This is the second Varjak Paw book and he's on the streets with Holly, Tam, and Cludge. (Holly and Tam are cats, Cludge is a dog) Varjak Paw is on the run from Sally Bones and her gang because if they find you, they'll cut of your ears and tail, the two things that make a cat a cat. So Varjak Paw plans to fight them but he has to form a small army first....


Just as the last one. I read it the whole way on our Trip to Palm Springs in the third grade. -laughs-

Vivianne Kacal

The continuing adventures of Varjak. Some scary moments.

Nicola Turner

Cate loved this sequel to Varjak Paw.

Tim Caines

Enjoyable but not as good as the first one. Time I went on to a classic!


I picked this book up and started reading before I realized it was book 2. I loved it so much I couldn't stop. I can't wait to read the first book as it seems people think it's better. Some of it was a bit mean and creepy.

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