The Oxford Book of Canadian Ghost Stories

ISBN: 019540761X
ISBN 13: 9780195407617
By: Alberto Manguel

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About this book

Offering hours and hours of delightful terror, this marvelous collection of twenty-four classic Canadian ghost stories ranges from the work of early masters such as Stephen Leacock and Mazo de la Roche, to contemporary writers such as Margaret Atwood, Timothy Finlay, Brian Moore, and Audrey Thomas. Including such well-known tales as W.P. Kinsella's Shoeless Joe Jackson Comes to Iowa--the story on which the blockbuster movie, Field of Dreams, was based--and other stories by such renowned writers as Robertson Davies, Mavis Gallant, and Jane Rule, this collection presents the very best in the genre. Capturing Canada's own unique literary tradition, it provides translations of stories by influential French-Canadian writers. It also contains Philippe Aubert de Gaspe's La Corriveau, John Charles Dent's The Gerrard Street Mystery, Honore Beaugrand's La Fantome de l'avare, W.H. Blake's ATale of the Grand Jardin, Gilbert Parker's The Flood, Duncan Campbell Scott's Vengeance is Mine, Ethel Wilson's Mr. Sleepwalker, A.M. Klein's No Traveller Returns..., Farley Mowat's The Snow Walker, Virgil Burnett's Fallowfields, Antonine Maillet's The Ghost of Lovers Lane, Alistair MacLeod's AsBirds Bring Forth the Sun, Eric McCormack's No Country for Old Men, Sean Virgo's Haunt, Tim Wynne-Jones' The Woman with the Lounge-Act Hair, and Rohington Mistry's The Ghost of Firozsha Baag.

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