The Perfect Husband (Quincy and Rainie #1)

ISBN: 1568656017
ISBN 13: 9781568656014
By: Lisa Gardner

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About this book

Jim Beckett was everything Tess had ever dreamed of...But two years after Tess married Jim, she helped put him behind bars for savagely murdering ten women. Even locked up in a maximum security prison, he vowed he would come after her and make her pay. As the clock ticks, counting down to their reunion, Tess has got to change the ways of a lifetime. She's got to stop being scared. And she's got to learn to fight back. Because this is a marriage that'll last until the grave...

Reader's Thoughts


I'm finding it hard to rate this one, so I guess I will go with explaining what I liked and what I didn't like.Pros- Jim Beckett's character was unbelievably creepy and sadistic. This made for great reading as he was unpredictable and I was really rooting for him to be caught-The storyline overall was very suspenseful and although I had an idea of what may happen I wasn't entirely certain.-I liked Tess's character. She was strong and was trying to help herself and her child get a better life. She knew she had to do something to save herself rather than relying on others.Cons- I disliked JT. He was constantly beating himself up over things and his desire to use alcohol to numb his feelings just got on my nerves.-I really didn't like JT's relationship with his sister. It was weird, and got on my nerves. The constant bickering was not amusing and although Gardner was trying to create a secondary drama with the two of them I just found myself not caring all that much.So take what you will from the review. I will still be reading the second since I think that JT won't be in it. And there go all the issues I had with this book, so the second one has to be better!!

Georgiann Hennelly

Jim Beckett seemed like the perfect man but two after Tess married the decorated cop and bore his child she helped put him behind bars. for savagely murdering 10 women. He vowed he would come after her and exact his revenge. Now he has escaped and Tess is on the run for her life and her childs life . with the help of a burned out exmarine Tess is going to learn how to fight back and protect her daughter. as the largest manhunt in four states is going on looking for Beckett. the clock winds down to one terrifying reunion between husband and wife her only choices are kill or be killed.


There were times when I was reading this that I was afraid I had inadvertently purchased a romance book, or a soft-core book. I have nothing against those books but I prefer my romance in-person and if I'm going to go for porn I'm going to really go for it and buy actual porn not a crime novel with loads of sex thrown in. Overall the book was ok. The characters were roughly drawn stereotypes- the macho warrior; the cute blonde girl who's learning to be tough; inept but sincere police officers; an extremely smart serial killer. I think this is the author's first book and I think her writing improves with each novel.


A true thiller....just when you think you have it figured out....wham! I love her books for great suspense and awesome stories. The twists are crazy! I can usually figure out suspense novels pretty quickly...but hers -- not so much. Love it.

Adrienne Campbell

Lisa Gardner always leaves me wanting more. The book ends and I'm disappointed because I "know" her characters and I want to keep reading about them."The Perfect Husband" is loaded with suspense. It revolves around the life of Theresa "Tess" Beckett. A beautiful young wife and mother living in absolute terror of her husband and police officer Jim Beckett - a sadistic serial killer of young beautiful blonde women. He is captured with the help of Tess and he vows from the prison that he will kill her. He escapes from prison and the story goes into high gear.Jim and Tess have a four year old daughter who is being held in protective custody. Tess has refused the help of the police and the FBI. They didn't protect her the first time and she doesn't trust them to protect her now. She has no choice but to leave her daughter behind as she runs, looking for someone to teach her how to protect herself. Eventually she'd led to the door of a burned out drunken Marine,J.T. Dillon, whom she believes can help her regardless of his bad habits and crass attitude. He's angry and suffering from his own dark memories and losses and he's not at all interested in helping a stranger with her problems especially when he knows she's lying to him.This leads us to J.T.'s sister Marion, a hard as steel FBI agent who has no respect for her brother, his way of life and the new woman trying to engage his help. They argue and fight constantly but the battles are bitter and hateful. She's carrying her own "baggage" but deep in the recesses of her memories and she refuses to acknowledge them.Eventually Marion finds out who "Tess" really is, about her past, and who her huband is. With this information in hand she and J.T. finally begin to understand the young womans terror and her training begins.But Jim Beckett is very good at what he does...hunting down his victims. He is a psychopath, very disciplined, and determined to finish what he started. Bodies begin to fall as he grows ever closer to finding his daughter and his wife.This book is suspenseful, dark, terrifying, sad, and a real page turner! I would definitely recommend.


I really struggled to finish this. I would have put it down but I am not one to start a book and not finish it. I'm not sure that I will buy any more of her books new. I guess I was just disappointed with it.

Theresa Leone Davidson

I read the fifth in the series first, a couple of months ago, so I had to go back to the first in the series. It's about the hunt for a serial killer, with the killer's wife as the main character. She turned him in once but now he's escaped from prison and she knows he will be coming after her. She hires a mercenary to train her in self defense, and of course they fall for each other. The suspense was riveting and got me through the book in only a day and a half. I scored it only a three, however, because of the completely implausible chain of events that happen to a supporting character, the mercenary's sister, and because, unless she's gotten better at it, Gardner should not write sex scenes. They made me cringe, and also implausible is our main character, Tess, knowing her beloved daughter has been kidnapped by a serial killer, but not being able to help herself from jumping into bed with her mercenary. Doesn't ring true. Nevertheless, an exciting read.


I read The Perfect Husband because it's apparently first in a series in which I want to read the last book. From what I gather, I really doubt that I actually *have* to read them all, but I'm anal retentive like that, and TPH wasn't impossible to get through. It actually turns out that I'd read this book a few years ago. It's not bad at all, but I think it would have been better as a straight up crime novel without the romantic elements, which felt contrived and a little too Harlequinn/borderline pornographic for me. I was moved by the relationship between J.T. and Marion, but unconvinced by J.T.'s relationship with Tess. J.T. himself comes off exactly like the hero in a trashy tortured and tragically flawed, and so good on the inside, no matter how he might seem on the outside. If that was what Lisa Gardner was going for, she did a great job, but I found J.T. less human and more prototype as a result. Tess could have been anybody; in my opinion, she was a little too doe-eyed, especially in regards to J.T., than what you would have expected in someone who had been through all she had.I feel that Marion and Jim were the strongest characters in this novel. Marion felt completely real to me; her pain is so palpable that you can almost feel the reverberations as she runs herself into the same wall over and over again. Jim is the epitome of sinister; he may be a little TOO smart, too diabolical...but he still makes you second guess yourself when you're in a dark room all alone.

Book Him Danno

My aunt has talked about this book for awhile and she finally just gifted it to me from Amazon for the Kindle. Wow I have to say that it kept me on the edge of my chair wondering what was going to happen. Her bad guy was BAD, he scared me to the point that I was checking the locks, the windows and the closets before going to bed. He was freaky scary and I hope never to meet someone like him in real life.I liked that the female, Tess, took control of her life and didn't just let things happen to her. She was determined to fight him with everything she had and even leaned new skills to add to the battle. J.T. was a strong lead, even with the condition he was in when she met him. He was determined to end this with Tess's husband and even with his loss he made a formidable foe.If you like suspense thrillers you will enjoy this book. I now look forward to finding the time to read her other books. 4 1/2 stars maybe not for everyone.

Susan Kelley

A young woman shows up on the doorstep of mercenary J.T. Dillon. She says her name is Angela, and she needs his training to learn to fight an abusive ex-husband. It all sounds simple enough, except for the fact that it's all a lie. Angela is really Tess Williams, and her ex is Jim Beckett, a serial killer who recently escaped from prison. After Tess helped put him away, Jim promised her that he would come back for her. This was a great suspense novel. Jim stalked and intimidated like nobody's business. His killing spree continues, and Tess' terror rises. The hero character in J.T. is marvelously flawed. He feels like he has let down all the women he has loved - his sister, his wife. He doesn't feel capable of helping or protecting anyone. To be of use to anyone, he has to battle his own demons that are still alive and well in his memory. For all the suspense this novel held, the major dramatic scene left a little to be desired. I felt like there should have been more to it. I was disappointed in the relationship between Tess and J.T., too. Still, it was a good book, a quick read. My rating: 3/5.

Gwynne Andal

Another favorite from Lisa Gardner. It was perfect because the characters were so complicated and bears emotional scars that made them more important or vital to this book. It was fast-paced and in a sense just a simple chase story. The characters were really the gem of this novel. I love how Tess was the typical victim, meaning that her past made her the perfect bride for a psychopath like Jim. Abused emotionally and physically, she wanted to love and be loved. Typical? Yes, but the difference is how we see her evolve and that we are part of the healing process. She battles with her anxiety and stress and defies what she was before to what she wants to be: a strong person for her daughter. We are part of how she deals with all these negative things in her life and still be strong enough to recognize and open up to the possibility of finding true love. And the defying moment for me with her character is when she stood up with the hero and professed her love. She was unsure of whether those feelings will be returned but it was a moment that felt like the last puzzle for growing a spine.Do not get me started on JT. Perfect. Perfect. PERFECT! As a fan of romance/suspense novels, having a jaded alpha hero feels like mandatory. Troubled childhood? Check. Military man? Check. Overall hot mess in the emotional status? Check. Typical hero again. The difference with J.T. is that he genuinely is a good person and is a softie. Who in his right mind marries someone for the reason he had and ended up being the best decision of his life? Sure he was depressed and was in denial of his alcohol problem but the thing is, I felt like all those scenes were all the tears he couldn't shed for his loved ones. All of the things he has done was because he wanted to protect these people and that he was doing what is honorable and right. If his methods were a little unorthodox, I don't blame him. He is a passionate person.The other characters were winners too. Quincy's notes felt like study notes and I was back to feeling like studying personality types in college. Having a hard time deciding whether the killer's pattern was good or bad. It was pretty bland and uninspired but I guess it was a window to what he really thinks of himself. Marion was right, it was an arrogant statement that does not need any more explanations.The negative point I would have would be Sam's minimal exposure and the why of Jim's actions. But overall it was a good read.


THE PERFECT HUSBAND (Suspense-Tess-Cont) - ExGardner, Lisa - 1st in seriesFrom Fantastic Fiction: Jim Beckett was everything Tess had ever dreamed of... But 2 years after Tess married Jim and bore his child, she helped put him behind bars for savagely murdering 10 women. Even lockedup in a max security prison, he vowed he would come after her and make her pay. Now the killer has escaped, and Tess has got to learn to fight back. With the help of a burned out ex marine, Tess learns how to protect herself and her daughter as a gigantic manhunt , crossing 4 states, counts down to this terrifying reunion between husband and wife. Raw violence, hot sex--a great read but not for everyone.

Tara Jones

Best Lisa Gardner book, thus far......and I have read almost all of the DD Warren books. While those are hard to put down because I find myself wanting the characters to work together to soften DD's heart and make her more open-minded and less stubborn (all while rooting for her to find the true "bad guy/gal," this book was extremely difficult to put down because of every character, their pasts, their interactions, their thoughts, the scenery/imagery. this was not just an action-packed book, not just a romance, not just a mystery, not just a deeply descriptive, thought pro joking book; it was all of the above and more. instead of wanting to get to the end of the book, I enjoyed the entire book. I hope all of Gardner's FBI Profiler series books are as deep, textured, and intriguing stories that somehow, despite the horrific subject matter, are enjoyable moving and enlightening. If they are, I will prefer them to the DD Warren series, any day. and that's saying a lot. in itself. because of how difficult it is for me to put down the DD Warren books, as well. I'd say the writing and characters and settings are more lovable, or enjoyably intriguing than those in/of the other Gardner books. out of the many books in the many genres I have read, I've only given three of them five stars. This is one of the three. Enjoy!


Going to make this quick! I grabbed this to read on the plane on my trip to Booktopia Bellingham as I wanted a book that was "light". It was certainly light in regards to weight but not "light" reading in the typical sense. I don't know if I've read any other Gardner books but found both the violence and sex more graphic than I was expecting. This is a comment, not a criticism. Good edge of your seat thriller, with great character development and a plot about domestic violence and control that is all too true. So why not 4 or 5 stars. I found it a bit repetitious, too long, like Garnder was trying to fill in for a set number of pages. Without mentioning names I saw no purpose to one character's demise and I think this distracted from the whole of the story. I definitely going to give another of Gardner's books a try as this is my type of thriller reading.


The heroine of this book turns to an ex-marine/ex-mercenary for help when her ex-husband (a serial killer) escapes from jail and comes after her. The good guys in this book are likeable but flawed and extremely haunted by their painful pasts. The bad guy is an ex-cop/chilling sociopath. The result is an intense, extremely fast paced, edge of your seat thriller- you won't be able to turn the pages fast enough-it's that good. Looking forward to reading the next book in the series.

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