The Pilgrims of Plimoth

ISBN: 0689808615
ISBN 13: 9780689808616
By: Marcia Sewall

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About this book

After an abundance of prayers and tears we made farewells at dockside and boarded our small ship. Our voyage across the Atlantic Ocean "began with a prosperous wind," but the sea soon became "sharp and violent" and storms howled about us. When the pilgrims set out for America, they brought with them a dream for the future. Sickness, hardship, and heartache stood in the way of that dream. But the pilgrims worked hard, keeping their dream close to their hearts, until they were finally able to make it come true.

Reader's Thoughts

Angela Hollen

Very detailed book about the journey of the pilgrims and their hard work to make it in New England. Very accurate but has a lot of reference to God so it wouldn't be appropriate in public schools. Also has a lot of words on each page and a lot of vocabulary younger students wouldn't know.


Good, But not great. Good for social studies. Not good for younger grades, has a lot of text on each page. Images are not that great. Tells about how pilgrims lived in colonial times.

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