The Player’s Handbook: The Ultimate Guide on Dating and Relationships

ISBN: 0972016414
ISBN 13: 9780972016414
By: Heidi Fleiss Libby Keatinge

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About this book

Men have traditionally held tight to the treasured title of "Player," but why shouldn't women be able to call the shots in an affair - whether one-night stand, indeterminate fling, or live-in relationship? In this full-color book featuring vibrant collage-style graphics, Hollywood Madam Heidi Fleiss shows how to gain and keep control. Well versed in the intricacies of the male psyche, Fleiss offers time-tested strategies and hard-won wisdom on how to survive the love-go-round and come out on top. The book covers everything the modern woman needs to know, from cultivating self-esteem ("Be yourself, relax, get naked together") to post-sex etiquette ("Get up and be on your way with a smile") to unusual gifts that will keep a man grateful - and drooling ("Put on a crazy sex show ") The Player's Handbook is a witty how-to guide to love and lust for the contemporary woman.

Reader's Thoughts




My all time favorite. To laugh about. To think about your love life. To regain new point of new. To stare at the witty illustration. Have a good life.


hell yeah. read it for whatever feeling you have toward relationship. read it when you're happy. read it when you're sad. read it when you're angry. read it when you're not sure what to do.what? need a guide for one night stand? fling? committed relationship? become a player? say it, you find it here, darlingjust be confident, girl! and you're thereand the illustration is amazing...


Excellent advice every woman should own a copy of this book


You'll finish this book in 30 minutes. A fast picture book with simple but true messages about dating and relationships. Its scary that I agreed completely with Heidi Fleiss.


I think every woman alive should read this.. own this... and really learn from it. You might not have to believe it all.. but I think we could all learn something from it. The illustrations are amazing... haha.

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