The Power of an Hour: Business and Life Mastery in One Hour a Week

ISBN: 0471780936
ISBN 13: 9780471780939
By: Dave Lakhani

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About this book

Nearly everyone has goals they'd like to achieve but few can stay the course in a focused way to achieve success. By changing the belief of what can be accomplished in an hour, readers will restructure their thinking around the possibility of the hour time block to achieve more focus and personal success.

Reader's Thoughts


I found the book readable and quite interesting. That said, it isn't for everyone - mainly because it's basically a highly structured approach that (I feel) won't gel with everyone.


This audio book and I got off to a bad start and I stopped it within the first chapter.It's not you, it's probably me. Sorry it didn't work out.

Lori Grant

A should-read book on business life.


I found the equal measures of life and business discussion refreshing - it seems that usually books that try to cover both give cursory attention to one or the other, but this book dived deep into both sides. I listened to this on audio, and although I usually greatly dislike audio listening to books that are heavily dependent on lists, the narrative and stories of Power of an Hour played well in audio. I would suggest having the book handy as a reference if you do listen to audio, though, as you may want to do the exercises or to see the to-do lists the author comes up with. The lists are long and specific, but you can certainly make your own lists or approach these topics at different levels.


How to use an one hour in a work

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