The Practice of the Presence of God and The Spiritual Maxims

ISBN: 0486440680
ISBN 13: 9780486440682
By: Brother Lawrence

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About this book

A simply written little book about prayer and Christian life, this work beautifully conveys messages from a seventeenth-century Carmelite monk to those who lived and worked around him. Written so that each section of the book could stand on its own, the text has much to say to the modern person trying to live a spiritual life in the midst of a busy career or home. The book's brevity and accessibility make this classic of Christian devotion a particularly good selection with which to begin spiritual studies.

Reader's Thoughts

Deanna Twaddle

Insight into the life of a man who made it his life's goal to be in the presence of God moment by moment. His life is admirable, but there is little mention if grace throughout.


This is one of those books that I believe has a lot more depth than can be found on first passing. Whenever the question of "how do you live glorifying God day-in and day-out?" is asked, this will be the book that I turn to. Personally, I found "The Character of Brother Lawrence" the most insightful portion of the book.


SO beautiful. Like a love story. Changes your perspective on life...when we want to be "on the mountaintop" yet we are in the valley...learning to be with God in full wherever we are and whatever we're doing, kneeling before Him. He has such wisdom, this is a book you want to read over and over. The most amazing thing is that this was written around the 17th Century and his words are so applicable today.


I revisit this book regularly and I love it, simplicity and humility birthed a man that knew God intimately and knew how to love.


Certainly a touching read, but also not much present that hadn't been said before or since. There was a trait of religious tracts from people in the religious life at these times. Rarely remarkable on their own even if they capture good truths. Touching, but one could also say redundant (my own modern bias, I suppose, against repetition in literature.)


Fascinating that something like this can be passed down through the ages and arrive, on both our kindles and into our minds, to impact us just as much today and in exactly the same manor as it did then.

Patrick Riviere

Rather short collection of works that contains, I believe, the entirety of the spiritual life

Melisa Blankenship

This is a simple diary like set of reflections on Brother Lawrence's relationship with God. He has very encouraging observations about leading a simple life.


three stars means i liked it. that sounds about would have been interesting to read his letters and thoughts in context...seemed to have been edited or published with the intent of maximizing it's marketability in today's christian subculture...after i read thomas a kempis, i completely forgot about brother lawrence. but that's no slight to the brother.


All Christians, new and old, should read this book. Period.

Alicia Mooney

This book changed my view of spiritual connection.

david shin

This was a good book. Very short. But that's not the reason why it was good. In the quest to learn about prayer, I think it's good to be exposed to many different "styles" and approaches to prayer, including this one by Brother Lawrence.

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