The Reasonableness of Christianity with a Discourse of Miracles & Part of a Third Letter Concerning Toleration (Library of Modern Religious Thought)

ISBN: 0804703418
ISBN 13: 9780804703413
By: John Locke I.T. Ramsey I. Ramsey

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About this book

A new and manageable edition of Locke has been badly needed. Professor Ramsey's judicious editing of these important texts fills the need and greatly enhances the value of the texts for the modern reader. Included are The Reasonablesness of Christianity, A Discourse on Miracles, A Further Note on Miracles, and some passages from A Third letter concerning Toleration. Each work is prefaced by an introduction,giving the background of its writing and indicating its contemporary significance.

Reader's Thoughts

Jonathan Green

An empiricist tries to explain faith and it ain't pretty, but still worth the intellectual excercise.


I am not convinced that Locke really proves the reasonableness of Christianity. He assumes many things that philosophers who followed him (e.g., David Hume) did not assume (e.g., the reality of miracles). Locke is an important figure in the genealogy of philosophy, but I wouldn't go to him first to see the reasonableness of Christianity.Furthermore, Locke seems to enjoy taking shots at systematic theology. But, really, all he is doing in this book is his own systematic theology.62: authority69: poetry/myths/tales71-75: Epistles; "fundamental articles"73: "promiscuous" (cf. Canons of Dordt)

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