The Rough Guide to London

ISBN: 1843530937
ISBN 13: 9781843530930
By: Rob Humphreys Sean Bidder Judith Bamber

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About this book

The Rough Guide to London is the definitive insider's handbook to one of the world's most exciting cities. It features incisive accounts of all the sights and districts, from the London Eye to Tate Modern, from Windsor Castle to Covent Garden. And it stays on the inside track to write up London's staggeringly expensive hotels (from the humblest to the very finest), its dazzling array of eating and drinking possibilities and its overwhelming choice of nightlife and entertainment. Rob Humphreys has lived in London for fifteen years and knows the city intimately.

Reader's Thoughts


Rough Guides have reformatted and updated a good number of their guides including London. I have the newest one and I love the new format. Great coverage of the city, it is divided by neighbourhoods. Also divided by attractions that are north, south, east, and west. I find this edition easier to read, and the addition of more full colour pictures is nice. The best thing however are the maps. There are way more and easy to read and very accurate. You won't need anything else to help you explore the city.


If you take one guidebook to London, this is the one.Note: In my opinion the "Rough Guide' series of guide books are the best by a mile.


I'm going there! I like a Rough Guide for this trip in part because they're Brits, so hopefully they know what they're talking about. 'Course I'll be looking through several others as well. I'm going at the end of August, with me Mum.

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