The Royal Tea Party

ISBN: 1400308003
ISBN 13: 9781400308002
By: Sheila Walsh Meredith Johnson

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About this book

When Gigi, everyone's favorite little princess, continues her royal adventures with a princess' tea party, everything ends up as tangled as her unruly hair. But with advice from Mommy and Daddy, the kingdom finds peace once again as Gigi continues her royal adventures with a new-found confidence as the daughter of the King!

Reader's Thoughts

Marissa Garcia

I wasn't aware that this was Christian fiction when I did a library loan on it for a tea party program. The fact that it is Christian fiction is not the issue. The problem is that it's a silly, didactic bit of nonsense. The plot is weak, the text lengthy, the result verging on ridiculous.


It was great!!!

Pat Gill

Entertaining reminder that we are children of the king. I read this book to my granddaughter during her visit this summer. It's a sweet story about a sweet little girl who is so excited to share some wonderful news with her friend. The illustrations are adorable. Madeline and I both loved it.


For Emily and for Olivia

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