The Savage Nation

ISBN: 0452284945
ISBN 13: 9780452284944
By: Michael Savage

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About this book

From the best-selling, conservative author of Abuse of Power, Liberalism is a Mental Disorder, Trickle Down Tyranny, Trickle Up Poverty, and A Time for War, comes a bold foray into the dangerous game of politics, media, and the changing course of American culture.  In this raucous and unapologetic manifesto, Michael Savage illustrates how years of liberal brainwashing—from the media, politicians, and left-wing pundits—have changed the direction of America, for the very worst.Each week almost eight million radio listeners across the nation tune in to "The Michael Savage Show."  His fearless and passionate assault on liberal thought and politics addresses everything from illegal immigrants to PETA, from the "Hollywood idiots" to that "international government" that is the United Nations.In his trademark in-your-face style, Savage reinforces patriotism, family, and "American values", laying out a plan to once again reclaim our country's identity.

Reader's Thoughts

Brittany Shields

My mom has this one and I should get around to reading it soon!!


Wake up America !

Brian Czahor

A must read!!!!


His arguments are hard to follow because all he does is name call. He's part of the reason why liberals think all conservatives are morons.


Literally dug this book out of the trash. Only good if you're stupid or you hate yourself.


Uncle Mike is a true liberal in every sense of the word. I have been listening to his radio show since I'm 19 (as he would say). He bashed Bush during his presidency and currently bashes Obama. He is one of the few who is not guided by a political label. He knows what is good for a nation: borders, language, and culture. I like listening/reading Savage for his everday encounters i.e. standing in the Subway sandwich line and getting annoyed by the people on their cell phones. Listen/read Savage and you'll get a kick as well an awakening.


Not good for someone new to the conservative movement. Too harsh and angry in his opinions.

Kevin Riggan

Savage hits the nail on the head! It's not about racism or elitism, its simple. A country is defined by its borders, language, and culture. If any of these 3 are not protected the country will implode. Great book from a smart guy!


Its good to read up on the views of the far lefts and the far rights. Great book, he's a funny guy, cant say I agree with him on everything, but v. entertaining!

Stephen K.

Another great political commentary!


are you a fan of a book that contains nothing but the author's complaints/ rants? If yes, then grab a copy of this book, it will be your finest hour.I am not that closed-minded with other people's ideas, but PLEASE if you are only basing your arguments on your own personal opinion and observation without even proper backing or simple statistics to prove your point, then how can a reader convince him/herself to believing that what you are saying is recognizably existent and academically verifiable?THIS BOOK WASTED MY TIME


Terrible writer, terrible fact checker. Terrible book.


While I find myself agreeing with Savage ideologically, the constant name-calling really made it annoying to read. I by no means am a wishy-washy PC person, and honestly, was funny at first. It got tired, however, and I fear the message may be lost on some.

Jeff Wilder

This is a vile, rancid, festering pile of scum. Not because it's written from a conservative viewpoint. In fact, I want to apologize to my conservative friends for linking them to this nutjob.Savage is not a conservative. He is a hatemonger pure and simple. The book is full of bile, all opinion and no facts or sources cited to back up those opinions. To top it off, it's awfully written, full of wording errors and a few typos. Looking for a political book by a conservative writer. Try something by Larry Elder, Thomas Sowell, Neal Boortz, Charles Krauthammer or Mona Charen. Their books are written well, make their points in a logical manner and have sources to back up their opinions. Buy The Savage Nation if you'd like. It might come in hand when you're in need of toilet paper.

Sandon Sowers

this guys is your typical bible belt republican douche-bags ignorance at its greatest

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