The Savage Nation

ISBN: 0452284945
ISBN 13: 9780452284944
By: Michael Savage

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About this book

From the best-selling, conservative author of Abuse of Power, Liberalism is a Mental Disorder, Trickle Down Tyranny, Trickle Up Poverty, and A Time for War, comes a bold foray into the dangerous game of politics, media, and the changing course of American culture.  In this raucous and unapologetic manifesto, Michael Savage illustrates how years of liberal brainwashing—from the media, politicians, and left-wing pundits—have changed the direction of America, for the very worst.Each week almost eight million radio listeners across the nation tune in to "The Michael Savage Show."  His fearless and passionate assault on liberal thought and politics addresses everything from illegal immigrants to PETA, from the "Hollywood idiots" to that "international government" that is the United Nations.In his trademark in-your-face style, Savage reinforces patriotism, family, and "American values", laying out a plan to once again reclaim our country's identity.

Reader's Thoughts


Terrible writer, terrible fact checker. Terrible book.

Roger Miller

The Savage Nation was first written in 2004, reading it 8 years later was illuminating. Michael Savage is absolutely correct the left is a determined enemy of our countries Language, borders and culture. I would not use the rhetoric he uses, but I come away convinced that as an american I need to be vocal that my American is an english speaking country where only immigrants who follow the rules are allowed in and that our culture of traditional values remain. Thank you Michael Savage for having the courage to be outspoken for our language, borders and culture.

Ben Goodhue

Stuff is a bit radical, but it is fun to read. I have found his books are much better than his radio show. The man has ideas worthy of reading whether you agree or not (but obviously you might like it more if you're a bit right of center).


Some good ideas, a bit acerbic at times (shocker, that). Savage at his best.

Richard Kelly

Extreme right wing politics. Very interesting, some good arguments, some faulty arguments, but enlightening consistently. Loses some steam when he tells stories of his youth, but overall very good.

Cornelia DeDona

LOVED IT!! Inspirational and motivating!


Michael tells it from the gut like no one else. A good rerad.


Its good to read up on the views of the far lefts and the far rights. Great book, he's a funny guy, cant say I agree with him on everything, but v. entertaining!


This one of a kind book really worked wonders. A great Nonfiction book that will keep you flipping those pages! The humor is great, the facts are great, and the politics are unrivaled! Excellent book!

Kevin Riggan

Savage hits the nail on the head! It's not about racism or elitism, its simple. A country is defined by its borders, language, and culture. If any of these 3 are not protected the country will implode. Great book from a smart guy!

Michael Carr

The writer speaks from his heart. Many people share the same sense of anxiety. Good to open mind to other perspectives.

Stephen K.

Another great political commentary!


Michael Savage is a little too coarse and angry for my taste, but he is still kinda fun to read. He writes just like he talks. If you've ever listened to him on the radio, you can totally hear his voice when you read his book.


When I bought this book at the local used book store, the owner had to go in the back room to find it. I guess displaying this work of conservative opinion would discredit his liberal storefront. The owner even warned me that he is not responsible for what I read in this book, and I assured him I could handle it and that I was a regular listener of his radio show.What I like about Mr. Savage is that he, unlike many in our nation, take things very seriously and he expresses his concern and anger in a way that can put many people off. While he can be a little hard to swallow at times, I think that this country needs people like him. His energy and passion is something that leaders nowadays lack.


His arguments are hard to follow because all he does is name call. He's part of the reason why liberals think all conservatives are morons.

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