The Scarecrow Video Movie Guide

ISBN: 1570614156
ISBN 13: 9781570614156
By: Scarecrow Video The Staff and Friends of Scarecrow

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About this book

Scarecrow is to video stores as The Elliott Bay Book Co. is to bookstores: independent, iconoclastic, and obsessed. With more than 60,000 titles in a single outlet, it's a paradise frequented by serious movie lovers and staffed by movie freaks. Loaded with a deep appreciation and understanding of movies, these fanatics have assembled one of the most eclectic movie lists to date. This is a unique list of essential, cool, funny, laughable, important, fluffy, outrageous, you-just-gotta-see videos for anyone interested in the art (both high and low) of moviemaking. This book easily satisfies every reader's personal penchant. Includes the best of the best and the worst of the worst in biker flicks, documentaries, foreign films, psychotronics, action, experimental, kids, film noir, murder mysteries, gay and lesbian, music, anime, and more.

Reader's Thoughts

Joey Coleman

Despite leaving out some classic/notable movies, this book is sharp, opinionated, informative and ultimately worthwhile. Everyone loves the bastards behind the counter and this is the closest I can find to having one on hand and at my beckon call.


You'll need for nothing else.


In theory, Scarecrow Video is an amazing store. In practice, it's chaotic and unwelcoming. One expects and even embraces a charmingly ramshackle setup and a ever-so-cooler-than-thou staff in a Mom N'Pop video store, but Scarecrow takes it one or two steps too far. The sheer quantity of titles and emphasis on rarities make it a browsing mecca, but a nightmare for someone who just wants to rent a movie. And a hundred dollar deposit for out-of-print titles? Fuck you. "Out-of-print" isn't the liability it used to be, with that new-fangled internet and all. I understand you're just protecting your inventory, but most of the people who'd be interested in viewing "Hunk" on VHS probably don't have a spare hundred mouldering in their checking account. Pulling shit like that is going to make people WANT to steal from you. But it's been awhile since I've been there. Maybe they've eased up. Anyway, I digress.This would be a fun guide to flip through while waiting for your significant other to buy something for their mom's birthday at Border's, but it's definitely not a must-own. It's basically a huge book version of the little notes that employees put next to their movies on the "Staff Picks" shelf. Funny to glance at, but not terribly insightful or helpful. They exist so you'll ask them at the registers who wrote those funny notes, and whoever did it can sheepishly admit to being hilarious, scratch their new tattoo, and offer their begrudging, embarrassed, and secretly overjoyed thanks. One of those books that was probably more fun to write than it is to read, but they do pull off a good one-liner or two, and it's always fun to read a well-thought-out dissenting opinion on a universally beloved movie, a pastime clearly relished by the hipsters involved. In summation, "The Boondock Saints" sucks miserably unwashed ass. Thank you for your time.



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