The School Mouse

ISBN: 0786811560
ISBN 13: 9780786811564
By: Dick King-Smith Cynthia Fisher

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About this book

Flora must convince everyone that reading is tremendously important -- especially after she finds a bag marked POISON!

Reader's Thoughts


It was a good book. Like most Dick King-Smith books a little graphic if you are unready for it.

Kr Sunshine

I read this book a long time ago when I was in grade 2. I remember that it was the first 'long' book I read and I liked it a lot. I had (and still have) my own passion for animals like mice, so I found the story even more enjoyable. I really loved it.


The main charector is Flora. She was the oldest of 10 mice. She was the smartest of the whole family. Even smarter than her parents. that is because she went to school. They lived in an old school house so she decided to learn how to read. Her family thought it was silly. Until, a tradgec thing Happened. Her family was going to get popisened but, she got there in time to save her mom, dad,and 5 of her brothers and sisters. I now that the name dosn't make the book sound good but, it was a pretty good novel. if you were to read it ibet you would think it was a good novel as well. The only part that i didn't like was the story started at the birth of the baby mice after they were born the story went to when she was five years old. Next time you get a chance to read a good novel I recamend The School Mouse.


Great idea for a story. I wouldn't put it in my classroom library, though. The dead-beat dads, live-in boyfriends, and children out of wedlock are a little much for most fourth graders.


** spoiler alert ** i was enjoying reading this to my 7 year old son. he's a reluctant reader but a great listener. the story is nice enough but why is there a romance angle to it? a bit disappointing to have the boy mouse meets girl mouse thread in the narrative. even if the male characters are somewhat goofy, it seems to perpetuate the idea the female characters MUST have some sort of romantic interest. there are descriptions of how handsome her beau is and how clever Flora is but, even though that whole thread flew over my son's head, i found it unnecessary and a bit cliched.


I got this book from my second grade teacher. I like this book because it's all about a mouse who trying to save her family beacuse poisin is everywhere. so she learns how to read.


This is a cute little book about a mouse who learns to read at a school. I am reading it to my students during class. Great book.


Not as good as I remember it being. Lots and lots of death; somewhat gratuitous. Not much of a plot.

Ms Julia's Kindergarten

We are currently working through this book...slowly, but surely :) So far, so good!

Deborah Harris

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Great book club book for 3rd graders. They loved keeping up with Flora and forming opinions about how she would handle the various circumstances given to her.


i <3 the book the school mouse. it was so wonderful because the mouse wanted to learn to read!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<3(:

Donna Hunt


Rachel Inbar

This book was a little hard to get in to, but as I got farther into it (reading it aloud to my 6-year-old) I started to really enjoy it. By the time we got to the end, we were wondering (hoping) that there's a sequel!


** spoiler alert ** The book that I read is called The School Mouse. This book is about a little mouse who is a mouse who likes to learn new things. The rest of the mice say that it is a bad idea to learn what humans are learning today. But she thinks that humans who are not as mean as the rest of the mice think. So while everyone was busy she would sneak off to learn with the humans. Now I don't want to tell anymore about the story because it might end up for me to tell you the end of the story but I want you to figure that out for yourself.

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