The Science of Freedom (The Enlightenment)

ISBN: 0393313662
ISBN 13: 9780393313666
By: Peter Gay Michel Gay

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About this book

The Science of Freedom completes Peter Gay's brilliant reinterpretation begun in The Enlightenment: The Rise of Modern Paganism. In the present book, he describes the philosophes' program and their views of society. His masterful appraisal opens a new range of insights into the Enlightenment's critical method and its humane and libertarian vision.

Reader's Thoughts


Volume 2. Here Gay attempts to construct the social setting in which Enlightenment thought took off. Enlightenment thinkers did not come up with their ideas in a vacuum; they were influenced by the rise of capitalism, changes in technology, food production, etc.


Everything you needed to know about the Enlightenment, Part 2.

John E. Branch Jr.

This and its companion volume are together a good deal longer than Ernst Cassirer's study (The Philosophy of the Enlightenment) but are just as valuable. Having read these at some distance in time, I won't attempt now to say anything more about them.

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