The Shaolin Way: 10 Modern Secrets of Survival from a Shaolin Grandmaster

ISBN: 0060574569
ISBN 13: 9780060574567
By: Steve DeMasco Alli Joseph

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About this book

Born in the projects of Spanish Harlem to a disabled mother and an abusive father, Steve DeMasco spent most of his childhood lost and angry. Drifting from one job to another, he stalked the streets as a troubled youth, barely surviving while all of his peers were either dead or in jail, until he found himself on the steps of the Shaolin Temple.Originating more than 1,500 years ago in ancient China, the Shaolin monks were simple farmers and worshippers of Buddhism who learned to protect themselves from the constant danger of bandits and overlords with a kind of "meditation in motion," a nonlethal form of self-defense that didn't violate their vows of peace. As their legend grew, they became known as the Shaolin Fighting Monks, revered across the land for their spiritual dedication, enlightened message, and amazing fighting skills.DeMasco entered the Shaolin Temple to battle the demons of his past. But he got more than he bargained for. Besides learning how to wield weapons and take on multiple attackers at once, he discovered an ancient philosophy that helped melt away preconceived notions of the world, and gave him a powerful platform on which to live and grow. In The Shaolin Way, he adapts these teachings for the modern world, singling out ten secrets of survival that can help anyone live a more fulfilled life.

Reader's Thoughts


Ok book. First of all, there we're definite good points-the book described how wee are all alike and I learned some interesting facts about Chinese Buddhists, such as they believe in eating for a long life, rather than taking many pills later in life to cure bad habits developed early in life.However, something was missing from this book-the author mentioned that he came from a poor background where he was sexually abused, never mentioning how he came to temple. It would have been nice to know how he came from such humble beginnings. I hate to say it, but his poor background seems almost so commonplace it has no effect(particulrly if it seems like he mentions it for effect, like I get the feeling he did). In addition, the author seems to condecend to the reader, using themes like "the asshole theory".


This is a good primer for those who are seeking a Path in life or for those that have drifted off into the woods a bit. There is nothing new here but let’s face it-that’s the whole premise with focusing on life as a Shaolin; that the hurdles of life have been the same forever and there are ways of dealing with them that have been around almost as long.For those who have lost or never had their Way clear before them; when their inherited religion doesn’t “work” for them anymore or when their atheism, humanism, or whatever feels a little empty or bereft, this book will at least show you on a high (not necessarily superficial) level that, as Steve DeMasco says “there is a path for everyone”.

Vision Seeker

I like the honesty and enthusiasm this book brings to the topic. I find it a bit cheesy at times, but the point of the book is the authors dedication to a path of self improvement and how he has lived it.


I read this in a two days. Not because I couldn't put it down, more so because it was light reading, a series of short stories about the author's life and how Shaolin thinking helped him deal with challenges in his life. While the writing is simple and the author's self-promoting a bit too much at times, I took away a few insights that have really helped me feel better about some key parts of my life. $15 for a quick boost in my overall outlook? Definitely worth the two day read.


Steven DE masco's beaten a lot of opponents both internal & external,and he has this rarest of quality's these days...generosity....Paul NewmanDE-masco's book is unique...salt lick city tribunethis truly is a beautiful magazine.i could go on but those short reviews did not tell you what you whant to hear...(SHIT-HAPPENS). Evan to a shaolin is how we handle it "our self's" that matters.. a self help book that is invaluable "chapter four". starts.....Evan in weakness there is strength... much of shaolin is about taking delicate steps along a road said by Buddhas,, to be filled with pot holes

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