The Silver Branch (The Tales of Aeron, #3)

ISBN: 0451451147
ISBN 13: 9780451451149
By: Patricia Kennealy Patricia Kennealy

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Reader's Thoughts


A well written mix of fantasy and science fiction with compelling characters. I would like to live in this world

Jes Phillips

For fans of the earlier books in the Keltaid series, this prequel offers some awesome insight into how Queen Aeron developed into the person she is. Readers who delight in Kennealy-Morrison's exquisite detail of this fantasy world will love this tale, which takes readers on a tour of Aeron's training as a Fian and Ban-droi.


The Silver Branch wasn't what I expected, in that I expected it to be historical Celtic fantasy and it turned out to be futuristic Anne McCaffery-esque interplanetary struggles. Unfortunately, the similarity didn't end there, and it also possessed some very McCaffery-esque failures in writing style. Nowhere near enough descriptions of places and scenery, and a 'rushed' attitude to Aeron's early life to get up to the bits that Kennealy more wanted to write about. Things that with a bit of time could have been fascinating instead are hurried over and become unsatisfyingly vague, and the plot had a tendency to drift into overly romanticised mills-and-boon predictability. In another's hands, or even if Kennealy had shown more discipline in writing, this concept could have become something really great, instead of just a mediocre, forgettable effort.


Really good fantasy. I enjoyed the first 2 books more, but this book was still good.

Kristine (fezabel)

I have been interested in these books since I first heard about them several years ago. I finally bought The Silver Branch and decided to give them a try. I finished the book in record time and immediately went hunting for the rest of Patricia Kennealy-Morrison's books. This story is amazing. It's not just the plot, although that gets my highest praise for being so intricate and well-written. But, the world that has been created around the plot is so stunning and beautiful that I can't describe it. You just have to go there for yourself.

Lindsey Blythe

One of my favorite books of all time. I love Aeron and she is my favorite heroin. She is just so bad ass.


it is a great book for Keltic fans.


Very interesting cross of sci-fi technology with Celtic mythology. Having both magic and advanced technology combined together definitely made it worth reading. Would recommend reading this before the copper crown, even though it was in fact written later.

Stacey Gallimore

The Arthurian Legend in Space - sounds ridiculous, makes me cry every time!!I just love this series, and I can see it isn't to everyone's tastes, but these books are ones I re-read and recommend.Just wish my copy of the latest one didn't look so much like a romance novel!


O ;ove this trilogy. The characters are larger than life and still experience some of the negatives as wel as the positives. There is technology, magic, logic, and intuition all thrown in together.

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