The Sunset Warrior (The Sunset Warrior Cycle, #1)

ISBN: 0345466780
ISBN 13: 9780345466785
By: Eric Van Lustbader

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Reader's Thoughts


-El Japón feudal trasladado a un mundo postapocalíptico.- Género. Narrativa fantástica.Lo que nos cuenta. Ronin (el nombre ya nos da pistas) es un cualificado espadachín del Feudofranco, un enorme refugio subterráneo en claro deterioro a más de tres kilómetros por debajo de la superficie de una Tierra congelada tras algún tipo de desastre ecológico causado por el hombre en el pasado, que ha decidido no alinearse con ninguno de sus grupos de poder pero que entrará en el juego involuntariamente tras acompañar al curador Stahlig en una visita para atender a un mago que necesita atención médica. Primer libro del Ciclo del Guerrero del Crepúsculo.¿Quiere saber más del libro, sin spoilers? Visite:

Mellodi Parks

This book was okay. To me, there's too many characters for me to keep track of and I got pretty confused at who was who after awhile. I probably won't be reading the rest of this series since the books are hard to find and out of print, at least from what I've heard. Maybe I didn't give this book a fair rating but I found it hard to pay attention as well as I probably should have. If you like fantasy books that aren't on a popular list, give this one a try, you might like it.


This is Summerblossom baiters earliest writing and in many ways it is his best. I enjoyed this series reading it and stacks of the UT library in the 80s as much as I enjoyed anything by him later. I also remember the books Shan and Jian as being my favorites


Having finally read the first book in this series, I find it not as good as the following books in the cycle....there were times when the story appeared disjointed, going from one scene to the next without proper context, leaving one to wonder if a few pages had been skipped or part of the story missed. It has a post apocalyptic feel to it, some sci fi and fantasy thrown in too. All in all, a decent rest but not one of Van Lustbaders' best.

KC Anton

Dark future world with a fraction of humanity living in ancient ruins of their technological and magical past. Their world is dying in an iceage while surviving kilometers underground.Interested yet? Well, other the Lustbaders decent fight scenes that is all you'll get till the last 10 pages. There he gives a twisted ending to get you to buy the next book. Fairly contrived for me.


Underground/multi-level world and dark magic and a warrior and stuff. Not bad.

Althea Ann

This is a futuristic action-adventure story, featuring a swordsman hero in a rigid, underground (literally) society. Light reading.

James Hawkeye

A must read

Dean Lappi

The Sunset Warrior trilogy by Eric Van Lustbader is a fairly unknown series in Fantasy. But I think it is a great series and worth reading. They are hard to find, usually best to look for used books. They can be expensive though, so look for good deals.

skinwalker musha

The sunset warrior is about Ronin a warrior would lives in a underground catacomb type world miles below the surface of the world above which is cover with ice now . The story is that a war was fought and all humans and life were wipped out ( and the air became unbreathable for a couple of years ) But what is folk tale and whats true ?The few that survived built the underground to escape what was to come. Than return to the surface when it was safe. Years pasted and generations as well and only a few know the truth everyone else only knows the underground. No one is allowed to go up above to the surface its against there laws , in this new socitiy of the underground world. But why ? you ask. That comes later in the tale hooked yet ?We adventure with ronin through the underground learning about him and the world of the underground around him and its workings. A man name boris comes into the infermery injuryed and tells ronin whats really going on and about a prophey and a anicent scroll hidden in a olden city first built in the underground now abandoned which the underground they know now is built on top of. Boris tells ronin to go and find this scroll. Boris also says that the undergorund gournment has been lieing to the people for years keeping them here in the underground knowing the surface is ice over but habitable. But they want to keep control of everyone down in the underground to keep there power in tacted.Ronin goes on this journey to the lower regions of the underground to the abandoned city in search of this scroll , ronin finds the city fights a great battle , his companion dies and ronin meets a strange little man and his pet and is told tales of the past and and the mysteries unfold. When ronin awakes in the strange little mans house ronin find a special gauntlet as a gift from the little man. Returning to the upper regions of the underground ronin is escorted to the higher uppes of the underground and asked questions. They knew about his journey but not what it was for but knew it had something to do with boris called the magic man. There a few of twists and turns in this story that keep it interesting and keep you reading it pays off in the end you won't see lot of things coming.


Classic deceit

Alexandru Diaconescu

The title of the book mislead me. As someone pretty familiar with van Lustbader's books, I was expecting another ninja saga but no, this is something different. To my utmost pleasure, I discovered that Eric van Lusbader can write SF, and quality one too. Yes, there is swordmastery there, there is romance, there is mistery and passion and struggle for power and everything you already met in Lustbader's novels, but there is also quest for knowledge among glimpses of ancient technology and fantastic territories that are still to be entirely discovered. I enjoyed every page of the book and I hope you will too.


How can a book by one of my favorite authors be this bad?? I got through about 30 painful pages and gave up.

Nathan Meyer

Loved this one.


Read this in High School back in the late 70's and fell in love with the character and series.

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