The Syndicate: Volumes 1 & 2

ISBN: 1596321342
ISBN 13: 9781596321342
By: Jules Jones Alex Woolgrave

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Elisa Ramblings

The Syndicate by Jules Jones & Alex WoolgraveThis is the first time I have read the series by Jules Jones and Alex Woolgrave. Allard was a computer geek with some attitude problem: he doesn't like to receive order and doesn't like to be treat like a number. So he decides to join a crew of stranger people that has made a syndacate. He will be the sysadmin. Vaughan was the crew's engeneering and also the captain, even if he doesn't like the be call "captain". He is an hunk man with a tender heart. He likes Allard from the very first time and soon he manages to have him in his bed. But Vaughan understands very well that the grudge behaviour of Allard is due to his fear of the personal relationships and he achieves to gain his trust step by step. All the book is soffuse with an happy humor and the sex scenes are lightly and enjoyable. I will look forward to read the next books in the series that I will go to buy soon after I finish to write this postThe Syndicate 2 by Jules Jones & Alex WoolgraveIn this second enstallment of the adventure of Allard and Vaughan we read of the growing relationship between the two, and how this relationship become stronger. Allard learns to overcome his fear in let his companion takes control and Vaughan become more confident that Allard will not go away from the Syndacate. Even if this series is setting in the future, the day to day problems are the same of today: how can I trust my partner with my heart? can I surrender to him without the fear to suffer? Will he stay with me forever? In all the reviews I have read for this series, the main aspect is the humor; instead I find that the strong factor is the romance between Allard and Vaughan: they are two adult men who choose to stay together, who are aware that their relationship is not mere sex and that they can build something together.

Heidi Cullinan

I finished this book last month and should have reviewed it, but things got away from me. Alas.This book is a fun romp. Extremely fast read, no angst, no gripping the sides of the ereader. It was a bit of a trick to find, and it turned out to be a free read, which perplexed me, as I'd have happily paid for it. It's loosely set in space. Well, it's in space, but largely this book is sex. I mean, it's almost all sex. That wore me out after awhile, but the voice is so incredible I hardly cared. The plot is highly thin on the ground. But again, that's not why we're here. I liked the space setting when I got it, though, and would have enjoyed more.This book is the equivalent of a favorite movie you put in and watch over and over because it makes you feel good. And it does. The main characters are incredibly fun, and their relationship is ride enough. And funny. And sweet. A fun, light read.


Supposedly futristic as it's set on a spaceship but that's never dwelt on. One character is apparently an AI, it's a random fact about him, like the fact he's crap with computers and a vouyer.I gave up at 30% as there was still no hint of a plot line appearing. This is a sexathon. That's all the characters do or talk about, other than the political broadcast for communism.


If mm space-geek romances where no one takes the whole thing seriously and the author has clearly hung out with too many old-school geeks is your thing then you will love this. I've read it a couple of times now and I still crack up at some of the lines, especially when Harry, the shy voyeur, and Karen, whose obsessed with Really Large Guns, are roaming around.

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