The Talented Clementine (Clementine, #2)

ISBN: 0786838701
ISBN 13: 9780786838707
By: Sara Pennypacker Marla Frazee

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About this book

Winner or washout?When it comes to tackling third grade, Clementine is at the top of her game-okay, so maybe not all the time. After her teacher announces that the third and fourth graders will be putting on a talent show, Clementine panics. She doesn't sing or dance or play an instrument. She can't even hop with finesse. And as if she didn't feel bad enough, her perfect best friend, Margaret, has so many talents, she has to alphebetize them to keep them straight As the night of the big "Talent-palooza" draws closer, Clementine is desperate for an act, any act. But the unexpected talent she demonstrates at the show surprises everyone--most of all herself.This next Clementine book is sure to bring the house down!

Reader's Thoughts


I think this one might be even more hilarious than the first one. The school is having a talent show, but there's just one problem-- Clementine doesn't have a talent.I like this one partly because a lot of the adults that were flat characters in the first book (because, let's face it, in a kid's eye, most adults are flat characters) round out a bit more, especially the principal.I really just want to cut and paste a bunch of quotations, or possibly the entire book, but you just read it yourself. I will leave you with this:"But he ignored me, which is called Getting on with the Day when a teacher does it, and Being Inconsiderate when a kid does it."see all my reviews at

Callie Stillion

This was my first Clementine book. Clementine, and her friend, Margaret, are in a talent show, Talent-Palooza, Night of the Stars! But no !!! for Clementine, who can`t find an act. But Margaret is going to find a way for Clementine to do something, because she doesn`t want a left-out-Clementine. There`s tapping to be done. Margaret is going to give Clementine her old tap shoes, but when she sees the size of her feet, Margaret yells, 'Your feet must be two times a large as mine! You`ll never fit into these!' So, Clementine decides to get caps off of beer, and super-glue them to her shoes. Well, that doesn`t turn out, and Clementine has to get new shoes! But, in the end, she gets to be the director of the Talent-Palooza, Night of the Stars, and it turns out OK!


Just two of Clementine's interesting perspectives..."My parents think I have a hard time choosing things, but that's not it. I can choose things just fine. The problem is, whenever you have to choose something, that means you have to not-choose about a hundred other things. Which is not so easy.""When I was done writing, I curled my hand over my sentence, as if it were too private to share. Which is how you get a teacher to come and look at it. Sure enough, my teacher came over and took a look."

Cindy Plett

As a teacher of kindergarten, I have taught my share of clementines! This book cracks me up!!! Easy quick read perfect for a k-2 read aloud, although I just read it to my 4th grader and she loved it!


I love Clementine! She's just as funny as Junie B, but makes quite a bit more sense :)

K. Vela

The Talented Clementine This is a contemporary realistic fictional book will likely to appeal to young girls in grades 4-6.  Girls in this age group will be able to empathize with Clementine, the witty main character.  The illustrations help the readers visualize Clementine with her curly free flowing hair and her tomboyish outfits.  They also bring focus to her interactions with her family, peers, and teachers.  Clementine, like some girls her age, feels awkward around her classmates and teacher.  When the talent show is announced she is nervous and tries to find excuses not participate in it.  She thinks she has no useful talents, at least none that are good enough for a talent show.  Like many children she is unable to see her talents, but an unforeseen event brings out her unnoticeable talent.  I enjoyed reading this book.  What I liked best in this book series is that unlike some books written for this age group, this book is lighthearted and child friendly.  It is able to be humorous without using foul language or having ridiculously unrealistic characters or setting.  I found Clementine to be clever and amusing; she calls her little brother all sorts of vegetable names.  I would definitely read and recommend the books in this series. 


Very cute...shows every child is good at something...

Nicole Disilvestro

1. I believe this book is a contemporary realism piece of literature. 2. The book is about a young girl named Clementine who finds out there is going to be a talent show at her school. She doesn’t feel she has a talent to perform in the show, and throughout her struggles she learns she has more talents then she thinks she has. 3. (A.)-I think this is a really accurate contemporary realism piece of literature because you can easily relate to the character and the events that take place in the story can easily happen to any child. (B.) I found this to be a very appropriate book with a lot of strong elements that make up contemporary realism. The plot deals with everyday events, a lot of children have school talent shows, and many children are insecure about their talents. The style of writing is very comical and very witty and really does make you enjoy being apart of Clementine’s story. The setting and the characters have a lot of details, which really helps engage the reader. (C.) The beginning of story when Clementine finds out about the talent show was my favorite part of the story because it really is easy to relate to her. The panic and insecurity of not knowing what your talent is brought me right back to elementary and middle school. It is really detailed and is really relatable for the reader. 4. I would love to use this book in my future classroom someday. It was such a sweet story and was really relatable that I think children would love this. I personally would like to read this book with future students simply for them to have their love of reading grow.


We all laughed through this one too. Even my 9-year-old, who rarely sits through me reading out loud, can't wait for me to read this. We'll get #3 out...more


Clementine reminds me of an older Junie B. Loved reading about things from her perspective. Great series for gr. 3-4 (level O) pg. 33 " And I learned the difference between crashed and smashed: crashed is easier to clean up. Also, I learned that coffee is easier to clean up when you spill it on a new brown rug. You hardly have to touch it at all!"


The Talented Clementine is a story about a girl named Clementine who does not like participating in class. The story takes place in an elementary school in the 3rd and 4th grade where the school is fundraising to get money. It’s told through the eyes of Clementine who thinks she can’t do anything. Clementine struggles to find a talent before the school talent show which is called The Talent-Palooza, Night of the Stars! Clementine has the opportunity to do something special at the end of the show. Her teacher Mrs. Rice and her best friend Margret help her in difficult and weird situations. I think this book would be a great read for a 2nd or 3rd grader because it may help boost their confidence in themselves by reading about Clemintines experience in finding her true talent. Many children at this age may not think they are special or talented, but they just need the confidence and support to find their interests.


Well I am absolutely in love with Clementine!! She us such a historical and adorable little character. In this book she is searching for a talent to perform at the talent show. She comes up with some rather funny options.... Tap dancing was my favorite (: but none of them are quite right. In the end her teacher capitalizes and clementines strengths and finds the perfect spot for her in the talent show. Such a good book. I'd recommend it for a read aloud. Reading groups or personal reading for grades 2-4.


Read this aloud to Madison. We loved it! So fun and funny! I guess we should read the first one and her others. Another favorite series.


I was disappointed with this book. I loved the original Clementine and laughed-out-loud throughout. This book was cute enough, but wasn't nearly as clever as the first. The character of Clementine didn't seem as fresh this time around; she seemed watered down. Additionally, the character of Margaret was much bossier--not the same kid who would have let Clementine cut her hair--and Clementine's teacher disappears halfway through the book. There were still the witty little Clementine-isms, and we are still left to wonder what her brother's name is. If you read the original Clementine then go ahead and read this one, but it is not a satisfying sequal to what I considered one of the best children's books of 2006.

Victoria Long

This is such a humorous book and Clementine will keep you chuckling. Her thoughts are relatable, but the wittiness and clever remarks keep you entertained. Clementine struggles with finding a talent for the talent show, but ends realizing that she does not have to learn a talent, because she is already talented. Her creative ideas and opinions keep the story interesting and the talent she performs is not what you think as you read. The pictures by Marla Frazee help paint a picture as you read and her cover deficits an important even in the story. Penny packer has created a truly enjoyable read.

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