The Third Victim

ISBN: 0752844830
ISBN 13: 9780752844831
By: Lisa Gardner

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About this book

Officer Rainie Conner comes closer to a deadly truth than she can imagine. Out there in the shadows a man watches her and plots his next move. He has already brought death to Bakersville, but what he has really come for is Rainie.

Reader's Thoughts


This was a good suspense novel. The subject matter is painful, relating to a Columbine style shooting. But the story is good. I like Lisa Gardner. She reminds me of James Patterson but with a feminine tilt. There is a love story on the side.

Heather P

I know I wow alot of books but this one just popped right out from the start. I couldn't put the book down from page 2 on. Everything in this book by Lisa Gardner grabs you and holds you right up to the very last sentence of the book. There were lots of twists, and questions within the whole story. I loved all of the characters and they were all written perfectly. I only got confused once but then it was all figured out for me come the end of the book. This book is a heart stopper and it keeps you reading from the get-go! I really love Lisa Gardner books and I can't wait to start the next one! Keep on reading and enjoy!Heather

Annie Jones

I was not sure I would be able to finish this book as it starts with a school shooting and I can't stand reading about children getting hurt. However, the story moves on to centre the investigating officer and her past so I was able to go on. It was certainly intriguing as the plot unravels but I found the ending less strong than I had been anticipating. Overall an ok read.


Well, it was OK. This is the first of Lisa Gardner's books that I've read, and I'm not totally put off reading another, but I'm not thrilled either.I'm not sure whether I was supposed to like the lead character, Rainie, or not. But I didn't I'm afraid. I found her irritating, and why did we have to have the part of the storyline where she falls in love with the FBI guy? I thought LG was trying to write a strong female lead, but it would seem that we can't have a female and a male character in a story without some romantic interest.For the rest of the book, I enjoyed finding out who and why and where everything happened, but I think I was expecting a bit more of a twist than I eventually got.

Samantha Ace

I always enjoy Lisa Gardner's books, her research into the law enforcement background is very extensive and comes across as realistic in her books. I do think I am watching too much Law & Order: SVU though, because during the interrogation/questioning of *the suspect, I kept pausing and thinking to myself "NO! Be careful, that won't be admissible in court, you are coaching him!".The Third Victim was very heart-wrenching, because you really felt for all of the characters, and in true Lisa Gardner fashion, she kept me guessing until the very end. I did get annoyed with the romance aspect of the story, I was getting rather fed up with Rainie and her pushing him away the entire time. I also felt like the romance was really rushed and kind of assumed, even though neither of them ever really talked about being with one another. Sometimes I wish we could just stick to the story at hand. The ending was exhilarating, and action packed, I was hooked and scared and excited all at the same time, but that is always to be expected with her books. All in all, I loved it once again.


Oh. Didn't see that coming. Just get it on already though. Jeeze. The sexual tension is killing me lol.


So, what changed? The author or the reader?I bought this book some time ago and only got around to reading it recently. I recognized the title of a previous book by Gardner as one I'd read, but didn't remember much of the story. Upon re-reading my own review, I was surprised to see what a low rating I gave it and my own rather harsh comments.This all surprised me because I thought this book was REALLY good. Premise: A small town is shattered when a school shooting leaves two little girls and a teacher dead. Found at the scene with the weapons is the police chief's son. Did he do it? Was he set up? Second-in-command Lorraine (Rainie) Connor must find the answers while dealing with her own demons.This book is listed as "Quincy & Rainie No. 2," and I vaguely remember Quincy, an FBI profiler, from the previous book (The Perfect Husband) but don't recall if Rainie was in it. The ending ties up most of the storylines, but leaves one -- Quincy & Rainie's relationship -- hanging. Maybe there's a No. 3?


I liked this book. I had read more recent Lisa Gardner novels first, so it was good to see how she introduced Rainie Conner and what the back story was. It's great to see how Rainie's relationship with Quincy starts off, too. The school shooting plot sent me off on a roller-coaster ride of assumptions, reminding me never to assume. I liked the emotional loose ends at the conclusion, reminding me of European mystery novels.


Mon avis en FrançaisMy English reviewJe ne connaissais pas du tout cette série mais je connaissais Lisa Gardner et j’étais curieuse de voir ce que donnait cette petite série. Encore une fois, je ne commence pas avec le premier tome, mais en lisant le résumé, on peut voir que le volume précédent traite de personnages différents. Il n’y a donc pas vraiment de problèmes ici avec cette histoire.Nous découvrons dès le début de l’histoire : Rainie, un agent de police dans une petite ville de province. Rien ne s’y passe jamais et la vie y est assez paisible, aussi quand une fusillade éclate dans l’école du coin, la ville est mise en émoi. Rainie se précipite sur les lieux du crime pour trouver Shep (le shérif de la ville) en pleine négociation avec son fils tenant des armes en mains. Mais ce n’est pas tout, car deux petites filles et une enseignante ont été tuées et le coupable semble logiquement désigné. Les gens de la ville ont eux aussi déjà condamné cet enfant qui a avoué plusieurs fois les faits et la population a décidé de prendre en grippe cette famille ainsi que Rainie qui n’a pu empêcher cette catastrophe à temps. Pourtant notre héroïne est persuadée qu’il y a plus et aidée d’un enquêteur du FBI : Quincy, ils vont essayer de comprendre ce qu’il s’est passé dans cette petite école.J’ai adoré Rainie. Elle a eu depuis toujours une vie très difficile avec une mère alcoolique qui la battait et un traumatisme qu’elle garde constamment en elle. Pourtant elle s’est forgée une vie assez simple comme elle les aime, gardant un secret qui la détruit petit à petit, surtout maintenant que cette nouvelle enquête la fait retomber dans son passé. Cependant, malgré sa fragilité, notre héroïne sait parfaitement se contrôler quand il le faut et va tout faire pour résoudre cette affaire du mieux qu’elle le peut. Et puis, il y a aussi Quincy… Ah cet homme. Il est loin des stéréotypes que l’on peut rencontrer en littérature. C’est un homme aux multi-facettes, attentif, analysant tout ce qu’il se passe autour de lui et comprenant des choses que Rainie préférerait oublier. Alors qu’un lien va tout de suite les lier au début de l’histoire, on comprend que l’homme ne sera jamais le coup d’un soir. Non, parce qu’il ne désire qu’une chose et c’est comprendre cette jeune femme si énigmatique qui semble cacher un grand pan de sa vie. On sait très bien de par son attitude que Rainie veut se livrer et se débarrasser du fardeau qu’elle porte et en même temps elle le refuse catégoriquement.Pour ce qui est de l’enquête de meurtre, c’est vrai que le lecteur sait parfaitement dès le début de l’histoire qu’il existe un meurtrier autre que cet enfant, mais nous ne savons pas véritablement s’il y a un ou deux coupables. On se pose un grand nombre de questions, de même que sur cet adulte qui a participé à la tuerie. Mais alors que les réponses sont difficiles à obtenir, et voyant que nos hypothèses changent constamment, j’avoue que j’ai quand même été surprise en fin de livre quand nous apprenons l’identité du coupable. Je ne m’attendais pas du tout à la révélation de Rainie sur le soir du meurtre de sa mère.Vous l’aurez compris, j’ai passé un super moment avec ce roman et l’auteur nous présente une enquête vraiment fascinante. Je suis très curieuse de pouvoir lire le troisième tome pour en découvrir plus sur nos deux héros.

Christine Blachford

Plot: A small American town becomes the latest victim of a school shooting and it’s up to Rainie Conner to work out whether the boy she has under arrest actually did it or not, all the while trying to live through her own horrors and embark on a relationship with an out of town investigator.Characters: Lorraine Connor, Rainie, has a deeply troubled history and she takes the reigns of the terror embarked on the town well, although starts to lose the plot a little herself. The object of her affection, Quincy, just seems like a really nice guy.Style Of Writing: Very open and clear and sympathetic to what is a very hard and appalling subject to write about.Overall Opinion: Very, very good, I think it lacks the big thrills that it tries to pursue but manages to be about the town dealing with the horror instead.Recommended If: You want to see no matter how awful the world can be, people can survive it, if they stick together.

Nan Williams

I really enjoyed the suspense and pace and movement of this novel. It was a real page turner. The characters were pretty well defined although there certainly was an excess of personal baggage and unfortunate history for each. It would seem that nobody had had a normal childhood nor one lacking in severe trauma. This ranged from severe verbal abuse to rape to murder to alcoholism. I wanted to like some of the more upstanding characters, but it was hard.I was truly shocked at the climax of the plot as I kept wanting there to be a redeeming feature for our little boy.It was a story based on 5 or 6 horrific school shootings in the late 90s, the last one of which was Columbine in CO. Obviously the characters were drawn from the lives of those people. I read the book 13 years after those events, but just a few months after the Sandy Hook, CT, shooting.It was a very hard story to read and digest, but it was well written.


Educational, educational, educational--boy, can we tell that Lisa Gardner did a bunch of research on mass murderers vs. serial killers and various homocidal types. Which she dumped on us in dialogue. Ugh. Very slooooooow plot.Mostly I was interested in Rainie and Quincy's backstory. Eh.


If the holidays weren't here when I started this book I probably would have finished it within a day but since Christmas interrupted my reading I finished it last night. Great book, great charaters, LOVED the plot. She is fast becoming one of my favorite authors.

Verovsky Brandão

Bill Garrison

THE THIRD VICTIM is one of bestselling author Lisa Gardner's early novels, and one in which long time characters Quinch and Rainie Connor meet. Quincy is an FBI profiler and Rainie is a police officer in the small Oregon town of Bakersville. As I followed them in later Gardner novels, I always pictured them as older, so it was fun to get a glimse of Quincy in his forties and Ranie at 31. The novel opens with a horrific event, a school shooting. Rainie is fifteen minutes away and drives like crazy to get there. Once on the scene, she sees bleeding, injured children. A national tragedy has come to their small town, just like Colombine. Gardner really evokes the horror of a shooting at a school, from the helplessness of all those involved to the fear of the parents, to the anger of the victims. Ranie is the officer put in charge of the case when Danny O'Grady is found in the school holding two guns. Danny is the 13 year old son of Shep, the chief of police and Rainie's mentor.Quincy comes to town because he's been investigating the cause of school shootings and what causes these kids to act out. While in town, he gets close to Rainie as they try and find out why Danny did what he did, and if he acted alone.The good: The third victim of the title refers to Ms. Avalon, a teacher at the school and a victim of the shooting. Was she a target? It was an really interesting premise. I don't want to give anything away, but the past of the villain of the novel is really interesting and probably should have gotten more attention in the novel.The not so good: So much of the middle focuses on the aftermath of the shooting. We read about the frustrations of the investigation, and the pain Shep O'Grady and his family are facing. While we are deep into the lives of the people in the novel, the actual progress on what really happened moved at a glacier pace.All of Gardner's recent novels have been great, but her early ones have been hit or miss for me. I liked THE OTHER SISTER, while THE PERFECT HUSBAND and SURVIVOR'S CLUB had issues. This novel fits somewhere in the middle. I really liked the story, but it seemed slow at times.

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