The Thistle and the Rose (Tudor Saga, #8)

ISBN: 0609810227
ISBN 13: 9780609810224
By: Jean Plaidy

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Reader's Thoughts

Jillian Neyhart

Interesting. I did not know much about Margaret Tudor (Henry VIII's oldest sister) before reading this book.


I almost didn't bother to finish this one...It was almost too simplified, and not at all engaging.

Mary Lilly

Love this series of the Tudors!Love this series of the Tudors!I have always loved Jean Plaidy's books. I'm making my way through all of them on my kindle...this time I know they won't get sold at a garage sale, and I get to rediscover them all over again!

Carol Mauro

A queen who only found infidelity, The Thistle and the Rose: The Story of Margaret, Princess of England, Queen of Scotland (A Novel of the Tudors) One after another of Queen Margaret 's husbands were unfaithful. She was clearly moved by passion and made her decisions for marriage based upon lust which she mistook for love. As I read the book I started to think: "not again" but to my dismay, she would fall for her weakness. The clans of Scotland were powerful and deceitful. Margaret was easily swayed. There was little substance to her character or the book.

Peggie Ross

Another step along my personal journey to read as many of the Jean Plaidy books as possible. Currently I am working on the Tudors. I adore these novels because I always learn many things about the lives of the characters. They are well written and rapid reads despite what sometimes are very long books.


Confession--I'm slowly becoming obsessed with British history, specifically the Tudor/King Henry VIII era, mainly because I've started watching "The Tudors." I began watching it because Jonathan Rhys Meyers is beautiful, but then enjoyed the show due to it's actual content. Soooo, I'm now reading books on this era.I loved this book and have heard that the other books by her are just as great. A lot of historical facts, but a great, heart-wrenching story. I felt Magaret Tudor's pain the whole time! She's a character I hated and loved. I think I even cried a little.


Thought it was going to be about Queen Elizabeth I and Mary, Queen of Scots, but it followed Margaret Tudor, daughter of Henry VII and sister of Henry VIII, as she becomes Queen of Scotland. I enjoyed Plaidy's writing as it was not nearly as repetitive as P. Gregory's. Not sure I cared for Margaret herself, but that could be the way Plaidy wrote the character. An extensive bibliography was included so I am sure this historical fiction was highly researched.

Vanessa Tillery

This book is about Margaret Tudor the daughter of Henry VII of England. Margaret is married off to James IV of Scotland in order to bring about peace between the boardering countries. This peace is disrupted when James Army is met by Margaret's brother the new King og England VIII. She is torn between her birthplace and new home.


A bit rough getting through this one. The author, experienced as she was, did a lot more telling than showing. Lots of summary of action rather than actual action. I did enjoy getting to know the characters as Plaidy imagined them.


Poor Margaret Tudor didn't have an easy time of it, especially in matters of love. It's a shame that the most powerful women of this time still had such little control over their own fates. That said though, like a proper Tudor, Margaret pushed the boundaries wherever she could get away with it and then some... the end result of some of those choices does nothing to diminish her bravery in making them. I enjoyed this version of her story very much!


OK. I like that it does not go into explicit details behind closed doors. For Historical FIction this is somewhat hard to find. It is the polotics, religion and marriage of those times that fastenate me, not the made-up love scenerios.


Ok, let's just talk about how appallingly dull the last half of this book was. The story follows Margaret Tudor of England who marries James Stuart of Scotland. I learned a ton, but oh my gosh, everyone cheats on each other. England, Scotland, and France were pretty much founded on infidelity and the populations rose from illegitimate children who's dads couldn't keep their parts to themselves.Margaret's life is a bit sad. She's so fickle, it'll drive one mad when reading all the ways she changes her mind. Back and forth, back and forth, good Lord, how droll?I learned a lot though, and I did enjoy the story. eh.

Sherry Cogburn

Not in the same league as Gregory or Weir but I like learning about the loves and losses of Margaret Tudor, Henry's sister. Those Tudors!!!!! They must have been sooooo indulged as children. She married 3 times divorced once. Can't really think of anything wrong about the writing. Would read her again.


Interesting in that I knew nothing about Margaret Tudor before I read this book. Disappointing in that she is portrayed as a somewhat hysterical, oversexed character. But hey, I wasn’t there; maybe she was all that :). I’d call this one historical fiction- lite.


The story of Henry the VIII's older sister, Margaret. She was married to the King of Scotland at age 12! For some reason these stories about the lives of the Tudors and all of their relatives always captivate me.

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