The Trip

ISBN: 068807328X
ISBN 13: 9780688073282
By: Ezra Jack Keats

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About this book

When his family moves to a new neighborhood, Louie has to leave his friends behind. Playing alone, he creates a scene out of a shoebox. It has a magical effect, calling his imagination back to old friends, old times. Then the spell ends, and - satisfyingly - a real-life adventure begins as Louie joins some new friends for Halloween night.

Reader's Thoughts

Larry Carter

this book is great for opening school or for a new student moving from out of town. this can also be use to tell student not to limit their imagination

Julie Dymon

This story sparks the imagination and will inspire children to create their own dioramas from the shoeboxes in their closets.

Bambini Travel

If you are looking for a unique book about moving to a new home or about Halloween, this is it. Louie and his mom move to a new apartment away from everything they know. Louie escapes by using his creativity to create a city in a shoe box and imagines that he is flying to his old neighborhood. This is the most inventive way I have ever seen to deal with the emotions of moving to a new home. His mom pulls him out of his imaginary world to join the kids outside for trick or treat. Ezra Jack Keats' illustrations are a colorful, creative, and eclectic representation of Halloween.


I used this book for Joy School's Imagination and Creativity Unit. I like how creative Louis is at solving his homesickness: he doesn't just mope around; he uses his imagination to transport himself back there. This even worked for my two-year-old because there's not a ton of text. It might be fun to find a way to make a diorama with the kids as an activity following this book, but it would take a lot of preparation beforehand for four-year-olds to be able to do it themselves, so I'm not sure if it would be worth it.


Louie really is just about the perfect picture book character, easy to relate to in a quiet, understated way that comes about as a result of the equally quiet, understated pictures made by Ezrea Jack Keats. No reader will be unable to identify with Louie's apprehension about his new apartment, away from his old friends and all of the familiar elements about his former neighborhood that he lad learned to cherish through time. Louie allows his imagination to soar into the past, though, and once again for a brief moment to touch those things that he used to love; yet when he returns, life goes on for him, and he perhaps begins to see that there will be things that he can learn to love where he is right now, if he lets himself begin anew.The Trip is a nice picture book in the famous style of Ezra Jack Keats, appealing to all ages for both its story and pictures.

Ellen Brandt

This book from the 1970s really resonated with first grade English Language Learners in my school.


Another book I have seen the Alliance theater do a story basket for. It is also great for your imagination. You could do some creative writing activities after reading this book. You could write about a time you have moved or someone you knew moved. You could write about where you would go in your imagination. This is another great book by Ezra Jack Keats.

Megan Zimmerman

A story about Louie, about his loneliness after moving to a new home. A good book on emotions, and teaching students about moving to different places and making new friends. Also, about helping students to accept new friends, who may have just moved in.


Louie has moved with his family to a new neighborhood. He misses his old friends and imagines flying back to visit them. Very fun and colorful, this is Ezra Jack Keats at his best.

Robyn Simmons

This story is a continuation of Keat's "Louie". This time, Louie is anticipating Halloween and trick or treating. He continues to use his imagination in this picture book as he sits at home in his room. This story could be read during an extended shared reading lesson, because it is the follow up to "Louie." Students would love to read this story, make predictions, and connections.

Connor Robertson

This book is complimented Keats' beautiful oil-pastel paintings that really brings the story to life. It also deals with the pain a child experiences when they move somewhere, and how they cope with it by using their imagination. Recommended for students who are new to schools, or a great read on the first day of school when the kids may not know one another in their class.


I would use this book as an activity to create a sequence of a story using a flannel board. It would help students understand how the setting, plot, and ending work in a story. Also, I like how the character in this story uses his imagination to bring his friends back in his new home instead of moping because he is homesick. He uses his imagination for problem-solving.

Taylor Johnson

Great story with easy to relate to characters. The illustrations were great. Story about the fear and nervousness about moving and leaving all your friends that may be useful if this situation comes up.


How to make a shoebox diarama.


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