The Trust: The Private and Powerful Family Behind The New York Times

ISBN: 0316836311
ISBN 13: 9780316836319
By: Susan E. Tifft Alex S. Jones

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About this book

Now in paperback comes the epic biography of the Ochses and the Sulzbergers, the families that have owned and run "The New York Times" for more than a century. of photos.

Reader's Thoughts

Otis Chandler

A fascanating history of the NY Times. Interesting tidbits were: - The family was Jewish but so afraid of being dubbed a Jewish paper that they barely covered the holocaust - most stories about the mass graves were buried on page 7 and didn't mention the fact that the victims were mostly Jews.- Adolf Ochs, the first of the family to own the times, bought it completely on borrowed money. He was so in debt it took him 20 years to truly own it. That guy had some large cojones...- The author really played up the stiff competition each generation for publishership. Seems as the the names (ie Arthur Sulzberger) always won..


a fascinating history of the new york times but the best part is showing how the very smart FEMALE members were passed over for sons, even nephews, to run the paper. in addition to the family gossip it tells the stories behind the times taking controversial positions (publishing the pentagon papers for instance).


A good book about the family that owns and started the New York Times.


A thorough history of the Grey Lady and the family that controls her. The authors take their time walking through the century of ownership, taking detours through the various family members' lives, quirks and peccadilloes. While it's an interesting read, it's a bit long and may not be of interest to all.

Seeking Sister

Great book about a still very powerful entity. A very interesting story that is well written. The authors relate the history of the family who created the New York Times, both the personal history of the family, including marriages, births, conflicts, etc. and, not as detailed or as in depth, a history of the origins and evolution of the New York Times. The narrative immediately engages the reader and keeps him rapt throughout. If there were not so many books that I want to read, but have yet to read, I would re-read this one.


It's a good book, and it's extremely thorough. I now know more about the Ochs-Sulzberger clan than I really wanted.


I trained the man who co-authored the book...sounds fascinating.


For us NY Times junkies only, but wonderful! Origins & intrigues of the Ochs family & descendants.


An amazing book! Hands-down one of my favorite books--enthralling and very interesting.

Anita Smith

I just finished this today... fantastic book! Very interesting and detailed history of The New York Times. It's not a page-turner by any means, seeing as it's almost 800 pages long... I kept picking it up and coming back to it. But it was a very engaging read that certainly didn't FEEL 800 pages long! A great look into the family that built this newspaper empire. Lots of interesting tidbits and stories about the family, but it wasn't scandalous or gossipy. I'm so glad I found this book and bought it at a book sale! One of the best $1 I ever spent!

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