The Untouchables

ISBN: 1568491980
ISBN 13: 9781568491981
By: Eliot Ness Oscar Fraley

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Reader's Thoughts

James B.

Eliot Ness tells the story of how Justice finally caught up with Al Capone. Much better than the movie, Ness tells how he and his men really were untouchable by Capone or his gang. Though not acknowledged by Ness, it seemed clear that, for whatever reason, God's providential care was on this man.

Jeni Hill

I guess I've always been a bit of a sucker for crime shows, and especially those that have the true stories behind them. I remember quite well trying to make sure I got to see every episode of "The Untouchables" way back when it was on the air.In my yard sale book finds this past weekend was this book, "The Untouchables" by Eliot Ness/Oscar Fraley and I just had to have it. Got it for a song -no dance even required, ya know. Well today, I had started reading another yard sale selection book by Joseph Wambaugh (can't even remember the title right now)and this evening, when I was going to sit down and read some more of that book, I couldn't find it. Apparently it has gone among the missing here in this house. So, wanting something to read, I pulled the book -"The Untouchables" out and started reading it then.Boy, each chapter seemed like I was reading the dialogue from that old tv show as many stories in the book I remember seeing them when they played out on the tv! It really was an interesting read -a slice of history -to learn much more about this man, Eliot Ness, and his work as a government agency on a mission to bring down Al Capone and various other gangsters of the Prohibition Era!Definitely was extremely well worth what I paid for this book, which was a tremendous bargain to me and a very enjoyable one at that.I started the book about 9 p.m. Wednesday nite and here it is now, almost 4 a.m. and I have already finished it! Excellent!


This book is very good and so is the movie. its about the prohibition era and how alchol was very illegal but the crime groups sold it. In the streets of chicago italian gangs were running everything by scaring businesses to work for them and pay them or else they would get killed and a single man named Al Capone ran this whole process. This book is all about how a man named eliot ness who was a cop and he put together a force to bust Capone and his people doing all this crime.

Ben B

Having seen the Kevin Costner movie, I wondered which parts of the story were true, and which were Hollywood. This book certainly answers that question, and there are many interesting stories that were not included in the movie.

Cathy Huang

I'm giving this low stars because I read it for the biographical aspect and, well, it certainly wasn't that.


This is the book. It tells the story of how Al Capone was brought down by the man who was responsible.


I may be the only person in the Western Hemisphere to not have seen the movie, 'The Untouchables'. Even I'm surprised that I haven't seen more than a minute or two here and there. This type of story is right up my alley… why? Well, because it's a true story, real history- it takes place (I'm sure you know) during the Depression and Prohibition in gangster riddled and control Chicago.It was a great story. These men were exceptionally hard working and dedicated. What they accomplished was truly an amazing feat. I'm going to seek out more books in this.


Great Law Enforcer Story! What a determination, and courage!

Javier Guerrero



Very interesting, first hand account of the bootlegging business in Chicago in the 20s and 30s. Easy read, read it in one day. Interesting to see how Capone, etc. were making so much cash they could offer bribes of $100,000 or more a year, a highly respectable salary even today.


I was more entertained than educated by "The Untouchables", which is hardly surprising when you consider that Ness was a publicity monger who recognized the value of a good story and enhanced the truth whenever it fell flat. There are phone threats, drive-by shootings, and murders galore, despite the fact that the son of one Untouchable, Barney Cloonan, told Ness biographer Paul Heimel that they were rarely shot at. Although Ness and the Untouchables did not take down the Capone mob as claimed in the popular media, they did damage the famous mobster's bootleg income, inconveniencing him financially. Ness died just before "The Untouchables" hit print, making it a haunting as well as intriguing read. It's not an objective look at the dying years of Prohibition and the downfall of Al Capone, but has novelty value as Ness's final words on that exciting period in his career.


1. Elliot Ness tries to give us a tatse of how the wicked mob grew to control Chicago and how Elliot Ness organized a small group of agents beyond corruption -- The Untouchables. 2. The book is short. The chapters are short. The sentences are short. Everything is to the point. 3. The book fills the bill. It has to be a first of it's genre. If you liked the TV series, you'll love the book.

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