The Vice-Busting Diet: A 12-Week Plan to Break Your Worst Food Habits and Change Your Life Forever

ISBN: 0312348363
ISBN 13: 9780312348366
By: Julia Griggs Havey David L. Katz

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Reader's Thoughts

Faye Blondin

now this was interesting, came with PGX. The main thing I took away is that everyone has a vice when eating wrong. Find your vice and you probably find your solution to healthy weight. Also talked about just doing one little thing first to start you off. Good advice. Gave it a 6

Teena in Toronto

them by the hand.Here's the weekly plan ... Consume water Replace your vice with a healthy substitute Exercise instead of/before watching TV Visualize a healthy future Add a fruit or vegetable to your daily diet Increase the days and/or time for exercise Increase your daily fibre intake Clean and organize your kitchen and home Add a daily supplement Eat a healthy and hearty breakfast Eat a healthy and high-energy lunch Eat a small healthy supperI found the book very basic and I didn't learn anything new.Blog review:

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