The Viscount’s Wicked Ways

ISBN: 0060872926
ISBN 13: 9780060872922
By: Anne Mallory

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About this book

HE HAS A WAY WITH WOMEN ...Thomas Ashe, the brooding Viscount Blackfield, is a man any lady would shun. But Patience Harrington, try as she might, has never been a proper lady. Her bumbled London season left her with no marital prospects and no recourse but to accept her father's invitation to travel to gloomy Blackfield Castle. Surely, spending a few nights in the presence of priceless antiques and a devilish viscount can't be as bad as facing the ton gossip.Focused solely on his secret government project, Thomas cares little for the valuable antiques he's recently inherited. The troublesome young woman who has come to assess them, however, stirs his senses in every way. Patience is a distraction Thomas can ill afford --- a beautiful temptation that makes him ache with desire. For a spy is threatening to destroy all he has built, and Patience is hiding something. With so much at stake, Thomas must do whatever it takes to seduce the truth from Patience's lips before lives --- and his own heart --- are lost.

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I agree a bit with Katyana's review below - on the whole it was good and a very fun read, but the ending was so quick, suffering from the rather disturbing mood shifts the hero portrays (which I found a bit irritating). Not quite on a par with other books I've enjoyed by this author.

CJ - Drop Dead Cute

3.5I really enjoyed the characters and the banter between them. Patience is intelligent and clever but can be a bit of a nosy body as well as someone who doesn't always think before she speaks. However, she isn't too extreme and in that way she doesn't become a caricature. Instead, she is like that warm sweet friend that you have who is a little ditzy and sometimes too generous but one that you love to bits anyway.Thomas, well I suppose he could've been a little more 'tortured' because that part about his sister came a little late in the game. Again, he was not a caricature of the roguish man who wants to tempt the little sheep just because he can, but then again, he also wasn't that dimensional.All in all, it was a fun, interesting read that could've been a bit more developed both character and plot wise. If you own a copy or find it in your hands I'd read it but it's not something you need to go out of your way for.


This is a tough one to rate. Like all of Anne Mallory's books, the interaction between the characters (and particularly the hero and heroine) were a heck of a lot of fun - I was laughing out loud on many occasions. Both from the banter between them, and from the utter cluelessness of the heroine, and the innuendo that would come innocently out of her mouth at the most utterly inappropriate times.But something about this book doesn't sit quite right with me. It feels less developed than other books that I have enjoyed by this author. First off, the plot wrap-up was REALLY fast, and I found that problematic. I think part of the problem was that the author had a zillion red herrings - by the end, I was half-willing to believe that the entire castle was filled with spies. So given that level of ... complexity, having the wrap up occur in this blur with *maybe* a page spent on it, it wasn't enough. I didn't feel sold (my reaction was literally "wait, what?"), and it felt like it was being tossed off. One of the things I really love about Mallory's books is the twisty plotting - it is always intriguing! So that was a bit of a disappointment.And I sadly felt that the romantic resolution suffered much of the same fate - it occurred in a whirlwind on the last couple pages, and I just wasn't really sold. That was particularly disappointing, because I felt that things had been great up until those last 5-10 pages. And then it was like: Her: "Hey, I have a great idea, let's ball up all our problems and chuck them out the window!"Him: "That is a great idea!"*open window, chuck problems*Him: "I love you."Her: "And I love you."*she smiles at him*THE END.Soooooo yeah. Disappointing. Oh well, they can't ALL be 5-stars.

Elis Madison

Thomas Ashe, Viscount Blackford, is a busy man with a lot of secrets, and somebody’s trying to ferret them out. Somebody connected with France—and it’s not a good time to be connected with France with that annoying little man strutting around making himself emperor of this and king of that. Thomas suspects Patience Harrington, who has been appointed (her father’s recommendation) to visit the Blackford estate and catalogue and pack a collection of antiquarian wonders destined for a museum in London. Seems her mum was French and she speaks French. Two strikes. Now he just has to prove it. He'll seduce her! Because when her toes are curling, she'll totally spill the beans. Thing is, Patience hasn’t any beans to spill, despite her unfairly negative reputation (it isn’t her fault that the old guy who wanted to show her his antiquities had an interesting definition of the term—or that a bunch of nosy old tabbies “just happened” to enter the room just as Patience got an eyeful). Unfortunately, Patience is also curious. She wants to know why there are so many crashes and booms and groans coming out of the buildings she’s not supposed to visit, and why the servants whisper about monsters—and why the handsome viscount keeps having these clandestine meetings. So, well, she is kinda spying, but only in the “curiosity killed the cat” way. Also unfortunately, someone else is spying in the “killer of curious cats” way. This is a decent read, but not one of Mallory’s best. 3.5 stars.


This is the second book I've read by Anne Mallory, and I'm really enjoying this author. She creates appealing, believable characters that have tangible chemistry with each other. Patience Harrington, heroine of this particular novel, is easy to relate with. She's intelligent, kind, and likable, but not perfectly or unrealistically so. Readers can find pieces of themselves within this character, lending to a more involved reading experience. As for Patience's romance with the mysterious, mercurial Viscount Blackfield, it's an entertaining love story from their first meeting to their happily-ever-after. The progress of them falling into hate, then lust, then friendship, then love is well-written and credible. The sparks between these two practically come off the page. Another thing I'm enjoying about Mallory's books are the topical themes she builds into the stories. In this book, Patience is an antiquarian hired to catalog an extensive collection of antiques and artifacts. She's also an imaginative bookworm caught up in the mystery at Blackfield Castle. Throughout this book are references to history, mythology, legends, and art -- always maintaining the original premise of the story and a major element of Patience's character. I found this thematic flair also kept me in the story, wrapped up in Patience's fanciful thoughts and the general Gothic mystery of it all. More than anything else, it's this quality that makes Mallory's books stand out to me as something different from every other historical romance I've come across.

Booklover, Indianapolis



It starts very promising - mysterious things happen, you think there's going to be at least one Frankenstein monster and maybe one or two vampires. There are secrets, spies, mazes, a lot of historical artifacts, some mummies and then... the author seems to have lost the interest in this plot. The mystery is solved while the heroine is unconcious or running towards the actual happenings. If you enjoy a romantic book without a logical plot - go for this one! The third book I read by Anne Mallory and it'll probably be my last!

Evelyn Rivera

This is my first book by tis author it was a loaner from a co-woker. real enjoy the whole story line it was great. The story had me thinking all kind of ending for the spies. However, I was wrong about them, I like that.

Edwina " I LoveBooks" "Deb"

I Liked this book a lot better than the other 4 books I have read by Ms. Mallory. This one made sense and connected all of the characters in the story line. In her other books she dropped the story line and was quite repetitive in what she wrote thru out the books, But she got it right with the Viscounts Wicket Ways! Interesting story of inventions being made laboratories and spy's trying to steal new inventions being developed put that with romance and you get a very good story to read. Finally for me she has redeemed herself!

Lover of Romance

Patience has come to Blackfield Castle, to catalogue Viscount Blackfield's antique collect. As daughter of a man that is obsessed with Antiquities, she has learned much. So along with her cousin, they head to Blackfield's home. When Patience first arrives, she is surprised by the current state of things. There is odd noises all hours of the day and night, some of the maids acting as if any object will attack them at will, and when she first meets the Viscount, she believes him to be a vampire. However, she knows that her mind is just playing tricks on her, even if he is arrogant and brooding enough to be one. When things start to really get interesting she decides to start to investigate the strange occurrences. Thomas, senses that there is something strange about Patience. He suspects one of her party to be a french spy, trying to discover what he has managed to keep hidden so far. But when he finds her snooping around his castle, he thinks she is the spy, and despite the passion he feels for her...he will set out to prove her guilt and betrayal. Until love gets in the way...Even though The Viscount's Wicked Ways, was a very enjoyable read, I felt like there was something lacking. It seemed like there were so many great qualities about the story, but it didn't fall into place very well. I really liked the playful romance that develops between Patience and Thomas. However I didn't feel the normal spark that I usually find in Mallory's books. There was a strong plot that is put into the story, however there wasn't a smooth flow in the story. I really had very high expectations for this one, especially after reading the blurb and looking at the cover, I expected a remarkable read that kept my attention all through the story. However I found myself putting it down quite a few times, because I didn't really get fully into the story. Although there were a few aspects of the story that I did enjoy. First is I did like the story line, I always love a good espionage romance, and even though this one seemed a bit off, it was still fun to see how it turns out. I did like the imagination that the author uses in the book. Overall a enjoyable read, but not a fantastic one. One to relax into, but not one to stun the reader into falling in love with it. The Viscount let go of her and leaned negligently against the door frame. "And why would I do that? Of what do I need to take heed?" He leaned forward, his lips inches away from hers. "This is my domain, and I can take what I want..."

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