The Voice on the Radio

ISBN: 0385317387
ISBN 13: 9780385322133
By: Caroline B. Cooney

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About this book

The kidnapping is long past. Janie Johnson can never change what happened to her or to the families that love her. But finally life seems to be settling down for the Springs and the Johnsons.The worst part of this new life for Janie is that Reeve Shields is away at college. Janie misses him terribly, no matter how many e-mails they send each other. As for Reeve, he's finding life at college overwhelming. He goes to work at the school radio station, hoping a late-night gig will give him what he craves--popularity and fame. Reeve gets his chance to be the voice on the radio, and when he tells the most fascinating story he knows, his show becomes a sensation. Reeve is so sure that Janie will never discover what's making hisbroadcast such a hit that he doesn't stop himself. But what will be the price for Janie?As Janie knew, the facts about the little girl on the milk carton had to be uncovered, no matter how much pain they caused. Now the truth about what Reeve is doing must come out. Whose voice will help Janie when she must face not only her incredible past, but also her unknown future?With the page-turning suspense that made The Face on the Milk Carton and Whatever Happened to Janie? best-sellers, Caroline B. Cooney once again explores the meaning of betrayal, the power of words, and the intensity of love.

Reader's Thoughts

Anne Osterlund

Janie can count on Reeve. He’s the only one who knows her whole story. How she discovered that she had been kidnapped. The agony of trying to sort out allegiances between two families. The mystery of her kidnapper, Hannah.But when Reeve arrives at college, he faces his own demon. Dead air. As a brand new freshman deejay, it’s talk or sink. And Reeve needs a story he can run with. A story that will grip listeners. In short, he needs Janie’s story.I first read The Face on the Milk Carton in middle school, and I remember loving the first book and its sequel. At the time, I never found my way through the third story in the series, no doubt because I was so disappointed by Reeve’s betrayal. But there are now two more books! So I decided to tackle this one again. And blitzed through it. My favorite part is Janie’s evolution at the end. How the darkest times lead to unforeseen strength.


The third book in The Face on the Milk Carton series. Reeve goes off to college in Boston, and in his attempts to find his niche there, gains campus fame by revealing Janie's story on the college radio station. Janie finds out and feels betrayed. Reeve was the one constant in her life, the one person who knew everything about her story. The tension was good in this story, but once again with the books in this series, I feel like so much went left unsolved. Does Reeve quit college? Do they break up? There is also too much point-of-view hopping, which weakens the story. It's almost like the author didn't have enough to say about the main story, so she put in filler with the other characters' points of view.


Now that Janie has found out about her past, things finally seem to be falling into place, and she's slowly building a relationship with her original family.Reeve, her boyfriend, has gone off to college to begin a new part of his life. He feels lost in college, but he thinks he might have found something that he can be good at. He becomes a DJ at the school radio station, and manages to get on the prime time slot. At first, he panics, having nothing to say, and then slowly, he begins to tell Janie's story to his captive audience.More and more people start tuning in to hear about "the janies", and he finds it difficult to stop. His reasoning is that his only listeners are all college kids, so what harm will it do to anyone? Plus, he's becoming famous which is something that appeals to him.Of course, Janie finds out when Jodie (her new sister), and Brian (her brother) take a trip down to Boston to visit colleges as well as to see Reeve. What will Janie do, now that she's found out?All of these books don't really seem to be a book by themselves. If it was combined into one big book, it'd probably flow a lot better than the way it was done. However, I have all of the books, so I read them all from beginning to end, and the story compelled me enough to finish them.


This book wasn't as good as the other two. In fact I kinda felt this book was an unnecessary book in the series. While it was still good, it was not even much about Janie and her family, it was about Reeve and his betrayal to Janie. I will read the next book in the series because I have it and want to finish the series but I'm not expecting much from that one either. It was a good book for what it was which is why I gave it 3 stars, but as part of the series it wasn't the best.

Kathryn Powell

Read more reviews at A Bibliotaph's Reviews.ISBN: 978-0-385-74240-5Cost: $7.99Edition: PaperbackRating: ★★★★☆For me, these books are a call back to my childhood. I can remember being in the eight grade and reading the first two books with feelings of amazement that someone could have picked out that she was the victim of the child kidnapping. To be honest, the feeling of amazement didn't go away when I finished the first two books, and I was left with the question. What happens after that second book ends. Janie gets to go back to her life in Connecticut and the family left behind has to deal with that. The Voice on the Radio definitely provide some of the answers to the questions raised in the second book.A full year has happened since the events of Whatever Happened to Janie? and we are introduced to the fact that Reeve, lovely Reeve who is the boy-next-door that every girl wishes she could have, has gone off to college. After a life of wanting to be heard from under his three older siblings accomplishments, Reeve joins with his college's radio station with the hopes and dreams of becoming a deejay, of captivating millions of people with the sound of his voice. But once he's move to prime-time airing at 10 pm, Reeve discovers that it's not as easy as it was at 3 am when there wasn't anyone listening. Now he has so many people listening, and he's about to screw it up without anything to say.... that is until he realizes he has a story he can tell. The only problem is, it's not his story, it's Janie's. Without concern to protecting the innocent, Reeve launches into Janie's story, and thus starts a series of events he couldn't foresee. Janie isn't there, she won't ever find out, he thinks. And after all, it's a story for the media and he knows the full details of both sides of the story. But the problem is, Janie does find out. And she's beyond devastated and upset. True to the form of the first two books, Cooney makes it a point to have a struggle for our hero and heroine, giving more depth to Reeve to prove that even the boy-next-door isn't perfect.The book does however raise a few more questions. At the end of Whatever Happened to Janie? readers were left with the impression that Hannah was lost, a statistic in the city of New York City in the life of a seemingly wasted junkie. However, it's on the same night that Janie finds out about her life being aired to the world that Reeve receives another phone call, one from someone claiming to be Hannah. Unfortunately, our protagonist chooses to disconnect the call instead of answering the question that the person has, and eventually erases the recorded call. The book ends on what I'd call a cliff-hanger, with Janie telling Reeve that the need to talk after ignoring him for nearly two weeks. All in all, it's a good read no matter if you're 12 or if you're 24. I would recommend reading the previous two titles Face on the Milk Carton and Whatever Happened to Janie? before picking up this novel. After all, series don't make much sense if you try to start in the middle.


In this sequel to "The Face on the Milk Carton," Reeve proves he has no self control, Sarah-Charlotte proves she's grown and is a very good fiend, and Janie irritates me if only because she's playing with Barbies at 16 just to play with them.I didn't read "Whatever Happened to Janie?" so this was me first real look at the Springs and their lives. Brian and Jodie are wonderful siblings. There is a lot about love and forgiveness. I really liked the message and how Cooney jumped back and forth between 'voices.' One of the best lines, while eerie, was Reeve thinking of the fact that radio rapes the soul. Words have more powerful than we sometimes realize.

Galen He

This is the 3rd book in the series by Caroline B. Cooney. In, "The Voice on the Radio," Janie, the main character, misses her boyfriend, who is off at college. Reeve, Janie's boyfriend, on the other hand is a dosc jocky at his college radio station, is broadcasting a story on Janie's life. The story is getting so popular that Reeve doesn't stop. What will be the price for Janie? I predict that Janie will probably break up with Reeve for what he's done. I think Janie cannot forgive him for telling people about the dark things that has happened in her life. Things that has happened in her life should be kept as a secret. Not told to other people.

Natalie Rock

I really like this book because it got to the point very quickly. It really showed her feelings for Reeve and how she felt about what he did to her and how cruel it was. This book focused on Reeve and Brian allot more then in the other books. With Brian it was how he felt about his twin troubles with Brendan and how lost he felt, but he also found him self slowly throughout the book finding out who he was. With Reeve it was stoping something he shouldn't have started and his emotions with his relationship with Janie... The book ended with another cliff hanger about there relationship which i think was a smart idea because that was one of the main parts of the book. This book is my second favorite because it really brings you into the book like the first one, when you cant put the book down, but the second book wasn't like that it wasn't as exciting as the others. I still did like the second book. I think the book was very well written it had so much detail. I liked in this book when it would go to another part or feelings or person it would separate them. There was only one thing I didn't like to much in some parts there was a little to much detail in one tiny part, but besides that I loved this book. this book had so many great qualities romance, mystery, horror within every person...... I really loved this book. You should really read it but only when you read the others.


The kidnapping conclusion has calmed with Janie adjusting to her new families. Unfortunately, her rock, her boyfriend Reeve, has gone off to college all the way in Boston, and the long distance relationship is taring her apart. Reeve, while he misses Janie is busy with his new gig as a disk jockey, on a local college station. On his first night he is welcomed with dead air, until he starts a story, Once Upon A Time a girl was kidnapped.... Reeve's "janies" become an instant sensation and famous in his own right overnight. All is right, as Janie is in Connecticut and unable to receive his station, he's seemingly save, until Janie Johnson comes for a surprise visit and hears a voice on the radio.The Voice on the Radio, could have come off like a rehash of The Face on the Milk Carton, but it didn't, I was riveted once again. Janie's story was told in a new refreshing voice as fascinating as it was the first time. Although, I had a hard time getting past what a prick Reeve was being. Reeve, the perfect boy next door, why Reeve, why? How could you sell your girlfriend like that? Even the head of the radio station said as much. I was disappointed. Although, despite my loathing Reeve his scenes were my favorite as they were the most dramatic. The Janie front was filled with whining and crying which gets a little old. I really enjoyed this installment in the Janie Johnson series, even though Janie was like a whiny three year old and Reeve was an undeserving dick, because occasionally I think its fun no matter how annoying to have a character you want to throw the book at.

Viktoria Jean

My Favourite Lines from the JANIE QUARTET: 'Pretending was fine when you were little and pretended with dolls or blocks or wooden trains. But to pretend forever? To find, once more, that her life was a fantasy spun by the people who supposedly loved her?' 'Janie Johnson hated her father at that moment with hatred that was wallpaper on every wall of every room she had ever lived in: stripes and circles and colours of hate pasted over every other emotion.' 'It took control to be gentle. Her fingers wanted to crush the contents of the folder, wad everything up and heave it out a windowm and then fling the folder to the floor and drag her shoes over it.' 'Would she burn the folder? It was appealing. The strike of a match. The burst of flame. Shredding was trendier but would be more mechanical and surely not so satisfying.' 'Like me, thought Janie, I passed every test. Not by much. The people with the high scores would be Stephen and Brian and Reeve. But I found my family. I found the right thing to do. I found the way home.'

Shyann Thomas

I think so far in this series, this was my favorite book! It was a quick read and so good! It cleared up so many important things and made me feel warm inside! If I didn't have to know what was going to happen with Janie and Reeve, I think this book was so good, it could have ended the series!But alas, it leaves you on a cliff hanger and luckily, I have the last one waiting! :D This whole series has kept me emotionally all over the place! I got out of the bath and was at the part where Janie found out what Reeve was doing, and I started crying to my Fiancée because I felt the heartbreak like it was my own! You know it's a good book when you feel the exact emotions the characters are feeling.


I just finished reading Voice on the radio by Coroline b Cooney. this book is about the main character named janie in the early 1900,s when they were creating the radio. these people are learning how these people managed to create the first radio and how they made a voice come from another location.the book is about how her friend named steven finds the voice on the radio and gets really excited and researching about how these people were able to create a voice that can travel from destination to destination. The radio was made with voice transmitters and then the people attached a mic to it. i like this book because it talks about technology and how far it has come. i would recommend this book to all middle school grades if you like stories about technology.

Brianna K

This book is the 3rd book in the four-part series. Janie's boyfriend Reeve is off to college in Boston. He is on the radio on the college campus. Every Tuesday and Thursday night he does janies over the radio telling the whole story of Janie Johnson being kidnapped. Reeve decides he won't tell Janie about these, but when an unexpected trip up to Boston with her biological sister Jodi ends up having Janie hearing the story on the radio, nobody knows what is going to happen next. This book is just as exciting as the first two books and I really want to read the 4th book in the series! I recommend this series to anyone who wants to read an action series!


Mostly this book drags on f o r e v e r, but I wish I could give the ending a separate rating. Yay for books emphasizing the value of forgiveness.

Karissa Akey

"The Voice on the Radio" is a very interesting book. This book is very mysterious and suspenseful. This is a sequel to the series called "The Face on the Milk Carton". In this book it shows a high school love story where the boyfriend named Reeve goes to college. He is a very smart and masculine man. He is hardworking and he knows what he wants and he will achieve it. He is a loving man that would never intentionally hurt someone. Reeve's girlfriends name is Janie. She is also hardworking. She is very shy and quiet and she is not very sure what she wants out of life yet. When she was little she was kidnapped and she did not even know until she was in high school. The only other person in the whole world that knew the whole truth and that was Reeve. Janie really liked to keep to herself and she liked to live in her own little world. Reeve was a talk show host on the radio at the college he went to which was in Boston. He accidentally spilled the beans about Janie and told all of the details that Janie wanted to keep a secret. Janie went to go visit him and she heard his voice on the radio and was so upset. In the end they overcome their trials and they end up good. I would recommend this book to anyone that likes mysteries. I think this would be a good book for students who are of the ages 13-16 because it is interesting and fun and once you start to read you will not want to stop.

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