The Warren Buffett Portfolio: Mastering the Power of the Focus Investment Strategy

ISBN: 0471247669
ISBN 13: 9780471247661
By: Robert G. Hagstrom

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Reader's Thoughts

Terry Koressel

The Warren Buffet Portfolio is not nearly as insightful or enjoyable as the The Warren Buffet Way by the same author (I gave The Warren Buffet Way a Goodreads 5 star rating!). But it is a decent book nonetheless. I am a long-time value investor, influenced heavily by Ben Graham's two books I read shortly after college. Warren Buffet deserves all the praise he receives for his investing success....he is simply the best pure business investor there is. The Warren Buffet Portfolio concentrates more on Warren Buffet's methodology rather than the man and his investing philosophy. There are other books that accomplish this better than The Warren Buffet Portfolio, including Buffetology by Mary Buffet. Recommendation: Yes if you've read the better Warren Buffet library of books.

Chung Chin

In The Warren Buffett Portfolio, Robert Hagstrom lays down the latticework of models used by Buffett and Charlie Munger in their investing work. If you're looking for a hard figure, technical how-to, financial modeling book, this is NOT the book for you. Instead, this is a book about mindset and approach. Reading through the book, you'll learn about things that Buffett and Munger thinks is important for an investor, their view on modern portfolio theory and risk/return, people who have influenced them, as well as the mindset and attitude to have as an investor. Although all these things cannot guarantee that readers will eventually succeed in their investment venture, all these "soft skills" may be a guiding light on how to think about investment. And for that, I think that the book is immensely priceless. While the book talks a lot about the soft skills, the author also presents some statistical findings based on his research to validate certain theories. I personally think that this is a nice touch. Why not the four star then after all the rave for the book? While I think it's a great book, I have a sense that the author comes across as very biased for Buffet style of investing. This is not entirely a bad thing, but for investors who already subscribe to this line of thought, the book will be more of a confirmation to their belief and hence, an amplification of confirmation bias. If you're already a believer, skip this one.

Mohit Garg

Gives insight and comparison between value investing and diversified portfolio. One time read

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