The Wartime Broadcasts Of Francis Stuart, 1942 1944

ISBN: 1901866548
ISBN 13: 9781901866544
By: Francis Stuart

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Biography Memoir

About this book

In 1940, shortly after the outbreak of World War II, Francis Stuart (1902-2000) moved from County Wicklow to Berlin, where he accepted a university position. Stuart remained in the Third Reich for the duration of the war and between March 1942 and Februrary 1944, he made over 100 broadcasts on German radio to Ireland. The German sojourn and broadcasts have been at the heart of the long-running controversy over Stuart, and yet remarkably little is known about him. This work prints the complete surviving transcripts of Stuart's broadcasts, as preserved in Irish and British archives. The transcripts reveal that contrary to the myth that he was not interested in politics, Stuart followed the progress of the war very closely and was particularly attuned to its political implications for Ireland. Early confidence that a German victory would lead to a united Ireland gave way, once the war turned against the Reich, to a more measured, but always intensely anti-Allied, view of the war and Ireland's relation to it.

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