The Way Cool License Plate Book

ISBN: 1552975630
ISBN 13: 9781552975633
By: Leonard Wise

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About this book

Everywhere you go you see vanity plates. The best of them are those that make you think and then reward you with a good laugh. Now there is a book that captures all the fun and excitement of vanity plates from across North America.Inside The Way Cool License Plate Book you'll find plates that show how their owners feel about the cars they drive (or wish they drove!), the work they do, the sports they play and the dreams they have.This book is the perfect companion for any vacation or road trip. Parents will be happy knowing that the games in this book strengthen math and reading skills as well as provide hours of fun. Kids will enjoy spotting plates from across the country and reading the hundreds of vanity plates inside. Categories of vanity plates include: Cars The work we do Sports Animals Places Music PL8 fun and there are 8 pages of games for car trips.

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