The Wealth of Nations, Part 2

ISBN: 0786169850
ISBN 13: 9780786169856
By: Adam Smith

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Reader's Thoughts


These books need to be read by people concerned about the economic paths society is taken. Smith, when read, is being abused by current economic ideologues, who cite him as a model while ignoring all the issues Smith was strongly against or for that do not suite free-market ideology.Smith would be appalled at current monetary policy, and believed that unions were the only way that labour had a chance in the labour market.


Many great economists of today write with a flair of sensationalism for show-business. Hence, I personally regard Keynes, Hayek, Marx, and Smith as economists who've offered future generations with the most prized economic theories and solutions, much of which continue to form the underlying basis and platform for current economists' thought-leadership.

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