The Wind in the Willows #3: The Wild Wood (Easy Reader Classics) (No. 3)

ISBN: 1402732953
ISBN 13: 9781402732959
By: Kenneth Grahame Laura Driscoll Ann Iosa

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About this book

Getting lost in the dark—and not knowing how to get home. It’s a scary scenario to children, but Mole’s adventure in the woods will provide comfort and reassurance. Mole has wandered into the forest in hopes of meeting shy Mr. Badger. But when nighttime comes, eyes seem to stare out from holes in trees and strange sounds fill the air. Will Mole find his way back?

Reader's Thoughts

Barrett Dylan Brown

Yes, I liked this first so much I read the second, though I don't remember much...


Splendido adattamento illustrato del romanzo di Kenneth Grahame! Spesso le graphic novel tratte da storie già esistenti non eccellono: a volte son semplici copie insipide, altre volte stravolgono a tal punto la storia originaria che fanno storcere il naso (per non dir peggio). Invece Michel Plessix non prende nessuna di queste due strade, ma, anzi, abbandona la terra per spiccare il volo! La sua opera non è altro se non un'esaltazione del romanzo, e un grande omaggio ai suoi protagonisti. Ho letto Il vento nei salici di Grahame anni fa, ma se non l'avessi fatto avrei sicuramente avuto il serio dubbio che la storia fosse nata con questo volume per l'armonia con cui dialoghi, racconto e illustrazioni si legano fra loro. Son sicura che l'autore, ai tempi in cui scriveva le avventure di Talpa e del folle Rospo, avesse in mente esattamente quei colori, esattamente quei paesaggi, ed esattamente quei visi buffi per i suoi personaggi!Insomma, un adattamento che non è un adattamento, ma molto, molto di più.

Misaki Kawakata

1. OXFORD level32. 80 min3. river wood road adventure friend carvan rat4. Have you ever been to such a big rever? No, I haven't. That's amazing! What's the material of this chopsticks? Oh, you don't know that? It's made by wood. Could you tell me the way to the post office? Sure,go down this street,and turen at the next corner. You'll see on the left side. Do you want to experience such a dangeouse adventure like this movie? No, I dont want to be mylife in danger. Have you ever tried to ride on carvan? Yes, that's great. Did you see a rat in this room? I missed catch it! Oh, I didn't. Please catch it soon!!5. This story is in animals world. Moel and Rat are good friends. They always with together and like adventures. They always try to find exciting things. My best part is in Wild Wood. Rat helped Moel which be in lost his way in the wood. That made my heart warming because that is very good to be considerate each other. This is not interesting story but it makes you a little happy, I think.


Trop mignon.

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