The Zebra Wall

ISBN: 0060733039
ISBN 13: 9780060733032
By: Kevin Henkes

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About this book

The Vorlob family is getting ready for the new baby, soon to arrive. The preparations include painting a mural in the baby's nursery and making a list of possible names. Since ten-year-old Adine already has four younger sisters, she is used to the routine. This time, however, the routine is broken -- in more ways than one. The biggest change is that Aunt Irene will be staying with the Vorlobs until Adine's mother is back on her feet. Aunt Irene arrives, as does the baby, but nothing else goes quite as expected. Especially for Adine!

Reader's Thoughts


i didn't like the people in this book, but its a large family and i suspect the book is quite true.


I wish the Zebra Wall stayed as the F wall. They worked so hard on it.


This was my favorite story as a child. It was the first that really spoke to me internally. I will get this for my daughter or son when it comes to that time as well.

Melva Clark

This book is great for 4th or 5th graders.

707 Tygerlily

i didnt like this book at all. It had no story line and didn't have anything exciting to it. It was pretty much all about a family naming a baby


3.75 stars - we all usually love kevin henkes so much - but this was not a favorite. short, cute, quirky family story though.


On the suggested summer reading list for students.

Horace Mann Family Reading Challenge

This is a really good book and I think it shows that people you don't like at first can still change. C. V. S.

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