There Was a Little Girl (E.J. Pugh, #4)

ISBN: 0380794683
ISBN 13: 9780380794683
By: Susan Rogers Cooper

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About this book

NO GOOD DEED GOES UNPUNISHEDRomance novelist, harried mom, and sometimes sleuth, E.J. Pugh has a habit of being in the wrong place at the right time. This time she's on hand to pull a suicidal teenager from a freezing Texas river. The distraught young girl, Brenna, has good reasons for wanting to end it all, since she comes from the worst horror of a family since Charles Manson's. And a good Samaritan act has propped E.J. into the middle of the dysfunctional mess.Then comes the news that makes E.J.'s blood run-cold: the girl's mother has been murdered, and Brenna stands accused of the crime, E.J. feels certain the frightened teen is innocent, and the determined crime solver is making it her business to save a troubled child's life one more time. . .even at the risk of losing her own.

Reader's Thoughts


Cooper, in these EJ Pugh mysteries, has knack for making situations "ripped from the headlines" seem ordinary. By that I mean it could happen in our normal everyday lives and then she draws us in to care for these characters and what happens to them.EJ is a full-time mom and part-time romance writer who has a big heart and a willingness to go to the edge for those she loves. EJ pulls a suicidal teenage girl from a freezing river and becomes immersed in Brenna's life. An endearing kid with a difficult family history, Brenna is both grateful and hostile. As EJ and her family become close to the girl, the terrible family history is revealed. And then the family history becomes a present-day murder and Brenna is the most likely suspect. EJ and her mother-in-law begin to ask questions.Another great story that pulls you in.


Chinese philosophy says that when you save a person's life, you are responsible for that person forever. Romance novelist E.J. did not understand that entirely until she rescues teenager Brenna McGraw after jumping off of a bridge. Brenna has had a tragic life - her mother Lori served a nine-year prison sentence for child abuse, and plans to take her daughter with her to Houston when released. Brenna rejects that option because she refuses to live with her step-father, responsible for the death of her baby brother. A week before they┬┤re supposed to leave for Houston, Brenna and her grandmother find Lori dead, a gun shot wound to her head. Brenna is accused of murder,and E.J. has to to find the real killer before Brenna is arrested for matricide.

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