There’s a Mouse about the House

ISBN: 0881101540
ISBN 13: 9780881101546
By: Richard Fowler

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About this book

Activity books which feature a cardboard character which takes the reader on an exciting adventure as it passes through a slot on each page

Reader's Thoughts


Great book for learning prepositional phrases, reading left to right, and top to bottom. Kinesthetic, auditory, and visual learning.


this is so fun for the kiddos to see the mouse go through the slots on each page...and if you lose the mouse there are instructions on the back of the book to easily make a new one.


This is a fun book to read with children, mine loves it!


One of my favorites...the mouse "visits" the squirrel from the similar Squirrel's Tale book sometimes!

Kathy Johnson

Every kid needs this book - it is so much fun to read.

Christopher Obert

This children’s book, about a mouse exploring a house for something to eat, is fun and inviting. The book comes with a small mouse that you can move through slits in the book’s pages. This makes the mouse go from room to room in the story. I enjoy reading this book to my grand daughter as she moves the mouse in and out of each page. It is one of her favorite books.


This book is lots of fun for little kids. Once or twice in a sitting is just the beginning. Four stars for the fun I have 'reading' this book with the kids.


Henry LOVES this book and threads the mouse through the pages like a pro. We read it multiple times per day.


Interactive book that's really fun for the little ones. Drew LOVES it and has been reading it to Jake and now Jake likes to "read" it on his own (in his "library corner").


Fun to read with kids.


If I could give this book 100*s I would! This is the one book that my almost 5 year old wants to read again and again and again. He has always loved to read with us, but this book really got him to look forward to story time and he pulls it out almost every day when it is that special time!


My daughter and I both have this book memorized!! She needs it read to her EVERY night and she likes to be in charge of the mouse. It's also my preschool classes favorite book. I say it's a must for any parents with kids!

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