There’s Always Enough: The Miraculous Move of God in Mozambique

ISBN: 1852402873
ISBN 13: 9781852402877
By: Rolland Baker Heidi Baker

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About this book

Tells the story of an adventure that began when the authors, founders of IRIS Ministries, and both natives of California, USA, answered God's call to minister to the poorest of the poor.

Reader's Thoughts


very encouraging and motivating. very well written.


I really enjoyed reading about what God has done/is doing through the Baker's ministry; a lot of the testimonials were excellent.I was not so much a fan of some of the written style: Often it seemed they were trying to get across the major difficulties faced by the nation on a large scale, but generally in a way completely lacking in style. Undoubtedly, the attempt was to show these trails on the large, national, scale - yet I often felt like I was merely reading lists of statistics rather than seeing the graphic depiction (I think they were going for), which would have more readily drawn the reader in to the reality of the situation. They did subsidize the statistics with more personal testimonials (as I mentioned above), which were really what kept the book going most of the time.The other aspect of the written style I was not a fan of was that I often felt like the author (mainly Heidi (she and Rolland wrote chapters off and on)) was often too 'preachy.' I get that the point is to motivate the reader into action, but most people reading a book like this are already people who want to be in the action, besides, most of the content of testimonials is fairly challenging to the average Christian reader as it is.


A very powerful and deep book. I really enjoyed this, the authors heidi and rolland baker tell about their lives as missionaries in mozambique. They take in hundreds of orphaned children, make it through life threatening floods, and see that God still heals the sick, and raises the dead.An amazing read for any christian, i would recommend it for someone anticipating becoming a missionary. The authors show what it is to give your life fully to the lord to do what ever he wants with it.

Mary West

This is one of the most life-changing, life impacting books I've ever read. Heidi and Rolland are radical lovers of God who have lived in garbage dumps and shacks all across Mozambique, taking in thousands and thousands of orphans with no way of taking care of them. They depend on Jesus every day to be all that they need...and He shows up and multiplies food daily, raises the dead, opens blind eyes and ears...etc. You can't come away without your heart being broken for the orphans and the widows.

Tom Tammaro

Without exaggeration this book has the potential to melt the hardest of hearts

Spam philebar

i was smiling through the whole thing! amazing! i felt so inspired after this, a perfect example of love.


This book is about the incredible story of a couple's ministry to the poorest of the poor, "least of these" in Mozambique. This book will grab your heart right from the get go. It's very touching.


Very inspiring, if not exactly relaxing...

Michelle Lee

One of my favorite books about God's power and His desire to lift the lowly out of the ash heaps. It's an inspiring book that I've read several times and plan on reading again.

Megan Roth

I read this book while on a mission trip to Tanzania and it REALLY heavily inspired my service there and my outlook on life. I am currently re-reading the book, which is very rare for me, so that says a lot. I really love her love story that is sort of dug into in this book, and I just really admire this woman's story.I would suggest this book to those that want to be stretched and want a greater understanding of God's work in other parts of the world. Those with a heart for service and missions would especially love this book and benefit from it greatly.


This book was a true inspiration to live out the calling of God on our lives.


Inspiring and challenging.


I loved how these missionaries had every need met while working in Africa.


I have no questions about the Baker's motivations or earnestness. They are a brother and sister of mine in Christ. But this book is filled with bad theology. It's written by confused people, and I'm concerned that they are only confusing others. It's also really badly written.

Lee Woojin

God is Good and he is moving nowadays!

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