Think Big!

ISBN: 1575056224
ISBN 13: 9781575056227
By: Nancy Carlson

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About this book

It's tough being little in a Big world! Vinney can't reach the chapter books at the library, the lunch lady doesn't see him standing in line, and no one ever passes him the basketball! When he complains to his mom, she offers a bit of simple, but wise, advice. She tells Vinney to "Think Big." The next day, Vinney takes his new positive attitude to school. And before he knows it, he's turning his luck around and learning that being small has its upsides, too!

Reader's Thoughts

Sarah Winters

A cute books children could relate to and teach them a lesson. The pictures are great with not a lot of words. Recommended for first and second graders.


This would be a great book for kids! Mentions a few of the struggles they may have at school. Good motivation book for those who don't fit in too "think big." The illustrations are fun to look at! I would recommend this book for kids in elementary school.


This is a cute book especially for little kids with an inferiority complex or who are picked on for being small. Vinney is very good at "thinking big" and the illustrations make it a fun read. This one was requested several times by my "big" boy- definitely a winner!I've had to check it out again, several months after the first time, because he remembered and liked this one so much. Going to have to move up to 5 stars for that!

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