Titanium eBay: A Tactical Guide to Becoming a Millionaire PowerSeller

ISBN: 1592574335
ISBN 13: 9781592574339
By: Skip McGrath

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About this book

Take it to the next level. People who earn a living selling their wares through eBay are identified on the site as �PowerSellers� and awarded formal designations based on their monthly gross merchandise sales. There�s Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum�and at the very top of the food chain is the Titanium level, for those who generate gross monthly sales of $150,000 or more. Titanium eBay: A Tactical Guide to Becoming a Millionaire PowerSeller is for everyone who aspires to reach the highest level of success within eBay, whether they�ve been selling through eBay for years at the Platinum level and want to learn how to grow their business, or they�re just starting out with ambitious plans. With over 60 chapters, coverage includes: � Organization � Product selection and pricing � Advanced listing and selling strategies � Auction management � Brand building

Reader's Thoughts


Very helpful and interesting. Some parts didn't apply to me, of course, since I'm not going to be a millionaire any time soon. I'll be happy just to keep the lights on and the water running. The analysis of various eBay sales strategies was very good. I like McGrath's tone, too- he's clearly flogging his product (which is Skip McGrath, natch), but it's in that old-timey rah-rah capitalist fashion that I can get behind.

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