To the Wedding

ISBN: 0747525749
ISBN 13: 9780747525745
By: John Berger

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Reader's Thoughts

Owen Curtsinger

Every time I pick up a John Berger novel, I think that I'll love it, but every time I try to read a John Berger novel, I can never finish; I get lost and confused by the seemingly irrelevant snippets of images that bubble up. Adding to that is the feeling that the narrative style is so soft that it doesn't drive with a serious plea for the reader to try and make sense of any of those images. The result is that certain elements and images will pass by unnoticed until I've realized that I've read six pages without really being able to recall what's happened.I really want to like his novels, and I know I could if I was in the right mindset, and I've tried several times with his "most accessible" novels, but the magic hasn't happened yet.

Leni Rayburn

The structure of the novel is unique; the omniscient "frame narrator" tells the story of Nonin & her beloved Gino & their circuitous path to marriage. This narrator, peddler of religious medals is only peripheral to the story he tells. Nonin & her mother are also characters who "see" the stories of others. In the telling of her beautiful country wedding, he weaves in the story of Nonin's last days & the loving devotion of her husband.


Poetic, lyrical in some ways...completely emotional. Probably the best review of this book is on the back cover, a quote from Michael Ondaatje "Wherever I live in the world, I know I will have this book with me." It's important to carry around the books you love and this one definitely made an impression on me both times I read it.

Linda Knight

I think the after effects of this book will continue to grow on me for some time - a really beautifully written narrative that floats and collides, weaving characters, histories, times in the telling of a wedding. I love Berger's academic texts, and was keen to read a work of fiction. It was really a wonderful experience.


I don't usually like it when someone calls a novel "impressionistic," because it sometimes means unfocused, or so diffuse that the story drifts away. But, in Berger's case, the word is apt and means that he has found the intense poetry in the everyday and has fashioned a concentrated hymn to it out of his spare, passionate lines.


A story that could border on cheesy or sappy was neither to me. The prose worked over 90% of the time and I simply bought into and loved this story. Mind you, I was also riding a greyhound for 13 hours and leaving the gorgeous Napa Valley so...... I may or may not have be in a weak emotional state. None the less, pick it up and read it. Good stuff. Some great lines

Lynne Norman

Beautifully written and like nothing else I've read before, 'To The Wedding' still, unfortunately, failed to connect with me emotionally. Whilst I found it an accessible enough read, the strange narrative style - no punctuation to indicate speech, jumping between storyteller and subjects - meant that I had to work too hard to keep track of the plot to invest in the characters. I'm afraid I didn't 'get' why the tale was told by an old blind peddlar, who had nothing whatsoever to do with the people concerned. I also found it hard to distinguish one voice from another - they all sounded very similar. I did enjoy the description of the wedding itself and there were moments when I did feel genuinely moved - particularly by the grieving parents - but overall it's not a book that resonated with me.


Ten huwelijk is een moderne vertelling rondom de onvergankelijke thema’s als liefde, dood, schuld en boete. Een prachtige roman over een gedoemde liefde. Al maakt Berger het de lezer niet makkelijk door voortdurend van tijd, plaats en verteller te wisselen. De wirwar van verhaallijnen die hier een gevolg van is, ontneemt de lezer soms het zicht op de schoonheid van het verhaal. Maar wie volhardt, wordt beloond met een grootse viering van het leven.Zie voor een uitgebreidere recensie:

Sherry Knott

Read many years ago. An absolute favorite.

Patricia Florio

This was an interesting book. I did get confused at times the way the book was laid out and the story told by the blind man. I guess you could say he was an unreliable narrator. But he seemed to have a handle on the town's story, which was of a wedding, one that couldn't be stopped by the AIDS virus. I admired the determination of the groom to marry the love of his life over his future wife's health controversy.


This was one of the worst reads I've had in a long time. It was slow, difficult to tell who was narrating, and did not provide you enough insight into any of the main characters for you to care about then, and then it got super depressing. Ick.


This was one of the more moving boosk I read this year. It is certainly not linear, but rather a poetic tale of a family travelling accross Euripoe to attend a wedding. It reminds me of somethig by Micheal ONdajdgee or Anen Micheals. I'm not saying it was the best plot ever, butg certainly one of hte more achingly dreamy and hopeful things I've read in a while.


Such a special book. It's hard to have your heart in the right place as a storyteller, to love people and hate what we do to the world and to each other. Berger deftly maneuvers to create this perfect melancholic space to hold the kind of joy he wants to summon. It's a rite of renewal in the form of a book. Sometimes Berger misses with his novels, maybe even most of the time, but when he hits he hits.

Leslie Bonato

This is one of my favorite books recommended by one of my favorite friends. The opening chapter has the most beautiful, visual verse and sets the tone for the book: Wonderful a fistful of snow in the mouths of men suffering summer heat Wonderful the spring winds for mariners who long to set sail And more wonderful still the single sheet over two lovers on a bed.


this might be the strangest review i have ever written:the book was a little choppy in the beginning and i was not really enjoying it. i kept going and then considered putting it down each time i picked it up. but i am glad i kept reading. for those considering reading it, or who just started, and cannot get through the beginning. skip to page 73, read from there. if you are still not hooked, put it down. you do not need most of the beginning to enjoy the rest of the book from page 73 onward. the choppy style seemed intentional and although i liked it at times, it made it harder to connect to the characters.

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