Treasure Island (Great Illustrated Classics)

ISBN: 1577658051
ISBN 13: 9781577658054
By: Deidre S. Laiken A.J. McAllister Robert Louis Stevenson

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About this book

For generations, readers have enjoyed classic literature. They have delighted in the romance of Jane Austen, thrilled at the adventures of Jules Verne, and pondered the lessons of Aesop. Introduce young readers to these familiar volumes with Great Illustrated Classics. In this series, literary masterworks have been adapted for young scholars. Large, easy-to-read type and charming pen-and-ink drawings enhance the text. Students are sure to enjoy becoming acquainted with traditional literature through these well-loved classics.

Reader's Thoughts


Just finished reading this classic adventure story to my twin 7 year olds. When I was a boy, the original unabridged version of this story caught my eye and I read it along with Kidnapped, Ivanhoe and various classic adventure novels. Iremembered it fondly but the individual details had faded with time. It was a perfect choice to read to the kids. They liked the pirates and Jim Hawkins role in the adventure from his thrilling fight with Israel Hands to has role in freeing the ship and obtaining the treasure This version, with its illustrations is very good for kids because they can follow along with the story.And its a great story with a pirate map, treasure, mutiny, pirates, gun battles and the like.My kids have been exposed to the internet in some small ways, and movies and television, but this classic adventure novel still left them thrilled and we polished it off in a few short days.There are plenty of books out there for kids to read but sometimes the old classics have not lost their touch.


This was a good book, but not as good as Kidnapped. This book, as an Illustrated Classic book, was really easy to read.


This was one of my favorite childhood stories; I read and reread this book so many times! Good book for everyone

Ashlynn White

This a good story for people who have a taste for a adventure.Leap into this book from a breakfast Inn to a mysterious island.each page is another adventure!!!!! Meet a curios boy and savage pirates.

Kathy Petersen

Recently I attended a fabulous production of a play version of Treasure Island and felt compelled to read the classic, which has been on my shelf since I was a kid but probably remained unread for all those many decades. It's a rousing, well-written adventure but too full of sea-faring terms for a midwestern landlubber like me. RLS's characters are standard action figures, even Jim the young narrator, but I forgive him that because of his vivid inn, island, and seascape and the thrill of the adventure.

Kory Donaldson

i like the booke soo frey i thinck it weel bee a good booke i theyinck it well bee a mistrey book and i like misterey book and cops books tro the book nam is treasure island I LIKE THE BOOK SOO FOREY

Nouf A

Treasure island!! Not all brass colored might be what happened from the boy in this story after expecting fortune from his adventure,,journey maybe unexpected,sunrise after sunsets,,expectedly i recommend the book for young children for them inspires the journey of adventure like Jim fight to win against the pirates. Amazing....

Anthony Gomez

Treasure island is about a boy named Jim Hawkins and his family that live in a inn. One day a man comes to the inn for a bit but he stays for a wile he said to call him Bill. Then a couple of days later a anther man comes his name Black Dog. Black Dog said he was looking for bill and he was a friend. When Bill saw Black Dog he was in shocked to see him and Black kills him. Then one stormy night a man comes to the inn and he warned them about a one legged pirate and gave Jim a map. Now Jim and his friends most embarked on a journey to find the treasure. Will Jim and his friends find the treasure you will have to read to find out.I like this book because it has action and it is fun to read. well I hope you like the book like I did enjoy.

Angela Hunter

This looks like the closest edition to the version Jacob and I read. This book was slow but we made ourselves finish it because we needed the book to count for the summer reading contest. We couldn't tell if Long John Silver even died at the end. A movie version is probably more engaging that this tale.


Not as good as when I read it thirty years ago. Damn childhood memories.


While reading the novel Treasure Island, the author displayed different themes through each events. These themes were heroic, adventure, wealth, and growing up. For example, when Jim Hawkins(the main character) goes on a voyage to a daring Treasure Island, he begins his adventure of discovering treasure and the difference of his own shipmates. Deidre Laiken is trying to tell readers to enjoy and have an adventure while reading this book because you can relate to the certain things that Jim goes through and become interested in setting your own experience of life. This demonstrates that the author wants readers to keep wondering what's going to come next because in every adventure you always have to expect the unexpected. The various events that occur in the novel shows how the author relates it to the real world. For instance, this whole novel takes place in the eighteenth century, when pirates were known. This reveals the books time setting is an actual part of history that can be true and how it happened centuries ago. While reading this book there were no outrages events or scenes that made me feel very uncomfortable but there were certain scenes that were involved with some killings that were meant to be. All of the certain events that happened made me think that in life, certain things happen for a reason and you or anyone else cant stop it from happening. Overall, this book has events that lead up one after the other, making you want to keep reading to find out what happens next .This novel also allows readers to set of onto an adventure with Jim and his shipmates to discover the secrets and treasures of Treasure Island. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone because it has an adventure to it and makes readers interested , that they would not stop reading it. This book is also good for the readers who like adventure settings and can relate to certain characters in the story. This novel also has reveling secrets and surprises that just shock every reader. After reading Treasure Island, it has taught me to always expect the unexpected that life throws at you and to always have your unique adventures because it can lead to something great.


The book treasure island is very interesting. In the book a boy named Jim Hawkins gets a map from a mans treasure box and when Jim follows it it leads him to a lot of trouble.

Roumel Lagsa

I choose "Treasure Island" because I thought it had adventure, which did, and a friend recommended this book. The plot of this stor is that a young boy joins a crew of treasure hunters and they try to find a treasure chest hidden by another pirate captian named Captian Flint. The young boy realizes that the crew he was with was evil so he tries to escape and get the treasure himself.My favorite qoute from the book is " For I can still hear the sharp voice of Captian Flint still rining in my ears:," "Peices of eight!Pieces of eight!"and this show to me how after a long period of time Jim( the young boy)remembers his adventure. The author's style waslike he was writing a movie not a book. I would recommend this book to kid at age 8 because the book makes people have images in their heads and the book is not to long.


After my friend's overwhelming praise of Treasure Planet, I want to know the source material of the said movie. I thought a hyped movie like that must have a great source material.Boy am I wrong.The main theme of the story is one of my favorite: a misfit team trying to find lost treasure. However, the way the story was told was really bad. On the middle to final arc, where things get interesting due to the constant chase, the story got freaking interrupted by some jackasses who appears and went "Listen to my story!". It ruins the whole pacing!Also Long John Silver. That is one nice privy.


a great classic adventure of a young boy attempting to help himself and his family by going with a pirate crew to find treasure and find himself betrayed and saved by the same pirates. a tale of a young boys adventure on the high seas with a group of unknown piratesa great classic adventure of a young boy attempting to help himself and his family by going with a pirate crew to find treasure and find himself betrayed and saved by the same pirates.

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