Trouble with Trolls

ISBN: 0590472844
ISBN 13: 9780590472845
By: Jan Brett

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Reader's Thoughts


I used to use her illustrations as fodder for my imagination when I played in the woods near my house. Fond, fond memories.


This book is a visual masterpiece. Every portion of the page was considered when laying out the page. I also love the story of the girl who outwits the trolls.


It was cool, and the trolls are staying there forever. If you go on top of Mount Baldy you might find them.

Michaela Zavala

This is a cute book about a child being able to use her wit to outsmart others. In a few other books written by Jan Brett the child is able to outwit others, this is a cute story that shows children can be very intelligent and smarter then we believe. It is an easy to read book, as well as an easy to understand book. Not only that but the pictures are yet again astonishing. The detail and colors all compliment each other. The author tells a cute story and the pictures perfectly compliment the story. The trolls are a bit scary looking which can be a bad thing for younger children if they are frightened easily. This book is a great book that wont get old very easily because there are so many details within the pictures that I discover something new in her books every time I reread the same book.


This is a beautifully illustrated story of how a young girl outwits a bunch of trolls who want her dog.


Trolls disturb me. There's just something about those pointy ears and mischievous grins that I find unsettling. (I know an awful lot of people who feel exactly the same way about the flying monkeys in The Wizard of Oz.) Brett's troll tale is doubly disturbing as I find the main character grating. My pompous, judgmental view aside, the children I read this to enjoyed the story, finding it engaging and suspenseful.


Yet another book I read to a class. This one is one of my favorites from when I was a kid. I love the story and the illustrations.


This story is about a girl named Treva who climbs a mountain with her dog. As she is hiking she runs into trouble with trolls. The trolls want her dog Tuffi but she won’t let anything happen to her. The story is set in the winter and the illustrations are done wonderfully. There are always pictures at the bottom of the pages that help the story. This one uses hedgehogs to get the readers attention. She outwits the trolls and gets all of her belongings back and manages to save her dog and get away at the same time. Great book to use in the classroom as well as at bedtime.

Kimberly Jones

My daughter loves this book and we have had to read it over and over. The illustrations are wonderful a lend themselves towards predicting what will happen next. I good read.


Childrens picture book, fiction This story is about Treva and her dog encountering a few different trolls on their hike one day. Each troll they run into wants to keep her dog and she has to convince them that the items she has on her are much more appealing to them. First she gives away her mittens, then her sweater, her boots and hat then before she gives away her skis she tricks the trolls into giving her all of her belonging so she can demonstrate how they make her fly. Treva escapes with all of her stuff and her dog while the greedy trolls are left with nothing. Appropriate for ages 4 to 8 I love Jan Brett and the illustrations she has. On every page she provides two plot lines, the main story and then a side story with upcoming characters and the activities of already introduced ones. She picks a theme for her books and sticks to that theme.

Paul Hardin

I really enjoy this book because it reminds me of when I was younger. My brother would read this story to me and make up different ways that the girl would try and out-smart the trolls. I would apply this same method to my classroom. I would present the students with a situation and have them come up with a solution as quickly as they could. I think this would add meaning to the story. Also, again with Jan Brett, children would get a great sense of what the girl was doing with the trolls. Her borders always have some sort of foreshadowing which is helpful for the students to look for context clues as to what might be coming later in the book.


Loving Jan Brett. Her stories are fantastically unique and the illustrations are so detailed. Beautiful snow filled pictures with lots of great characters, all my children love her books.


About a girl and her dog that go hiking up a snowy mountain only to come into contact with several trolls along the way. She outsmarts them every time. Great illustrations!


Jan Brett is one of our family's favorite author/illustrators. The stories are winsome, and the art work is over-the-top. This one has a Scandinavian feel to it. There is so much detail that children will want to take time on each page finding the story within the story portrayed by the pictures. This is a beautiful, gift worthy book to share with your favorite child.



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