Trouble with Trolls

ISBN: 0590472844
ISBN 13: 9780590472845
By: Jan Brett

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Reader's Thoughts


This story is about a girl named Treva who climbs a mountain with her dog. As she is hiking she runs into trouble with trolls. The trolls want her dog Tuffi but she won’t let anything happen to her. The story is set in the winter and the illustrations are done wonderfully. There are always pictures at the bottom of the pages that help the story. This one uses hedgehogs to get the readers attention. She outwits the trolls and gets all of her belongings back and manages to save her dog and get away at the same time. Great book to use in the classroom as well as at bedtime.


This is a beautifully illustrated story of how a young girl outwits a bunch of trolls who want her dog.


Jan Brett is one of our family's favorite author/illustrators. The stories are winsome, and the art work is over-the-top. This one has a Scandinavian feel to it. There is so much detail that children will want to take time on each page finding the story within the story portrayed by the pictures. This is a beautiful, gift worthy book to share with your favorite child.


Another adorable story from Jan Brett. I had no idea that trolls were so into dogs, but the five of them in this story will stop at nothing to get Tuffi! They're not very good at holding onto her though, since they are easily distracted by clothing items... Poor stupid trolls!

Liz B

A bunch of trolls give Treva trouble in this winterland adventure as they try to take her dog Tuffi. Each time they get the dog, she tricks them by convincing them to take an article of her winter clothing for the dog. In the end Treva very creatively tricks the trolls.


I used to use her illustrations as fodder for my imagination when I played in the woods near my house. Fond, fond memories.

Rachel Dalton

This is a great book to use when working on prediction because of the repetition of similar events. The illustrations also really show the emotions of the characters. I have always love Jan Brett books!


The artwork is amazing--and I love that there are two different stories, one told n words and pictures in the main page and the other drawn in the margins. Sweet, nosey hedgehog.



Michaela Zavala

This is a cute book about a child being able to use her wit to outsmart others. In a few other books written by Jan Brett the child is able to outwit others, this is a cute story that shows children can be very intelligent and smarter then we believe. It is an easy to read book, as well as an easy to understand book. Not only that but the pictures are yet again astonishing. The detail and colors all compliment each other. The author tells a cute story and the pictures perfectly compliment the story. The trolls are a bit scary looking which can be a bad thing for younger children if they are frightened easily. This book is a great book that wont get old very easily because there are so many details within the pictures that I discover something new in her books every time I reread the same book.


I loved the use of wit! Plus the pictures were gorgeous!


Trolls disturb me. There's just something about those pointy ears and mischievous grins that I find unsettling. (I know an awful lot of people who feel exactly the same way about the flying monkeys in The Wizard of Oz.) Brett's troll tale is doubly disturbing as I find the main character grating. My pompous, judgmental view aside, the children I read this to enjoyed the story, finding it engaging and suspenseful.


JEPIC-Bre Most delightful of Jan Brett's books-the secondary picture story along the bottom of the pages- of the hedgehog using the troll's underground tunnel house while the trolls are away causing havoc- makes a two in one storybook.Jan Brett's books always are like an I-Spy book-something hidden,can you find it?

Tori Babcock

A tale about a girl who climbs a mountain with her dog. She encounters trolls who covet her dog and she has to use her brains to outsmart them in order to save her dog.

Grace Best-Page

Strong female protagonist, beautiful drawings, wonderful story - what in this universe is there not to love about this book?

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