Tucket’s Home (The Tucket Adventures, #5)

ISBN: 0440415586
ISBN 13: 9780440415589
By: Gary Paulsen

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About this book

For use in schools and libraries only. Francis Tucket finds his family at last in this conclusion to the popular Tucket Adventures, set in the West of 1847-1849.

Reader's Thoughts

Amy Hendrickson

Another great read aloud from Gary Paulsen. An excellent way to finish the Tucket series.


I thought it was a good book because the time period. Also it showed on how people reacted to finding gold and silver that would be worth a lot of money. It also showed on how some Indians were good and some weren't.

Maughn Gregory

Great end to a great series.

Isaac Nilssen

Question number 1: The Authors Purpose for writing this book is to show a lesson a courage and hope. If something bad happens the main character shows that anyone can overcome that. He shows don't let scary things keep you from finishing what you started.


JF Pau


** spoiler alert ** i think it is a good book. I am excied to keep reading this book because it takes place back in the day and it is explaining what happened with the indian tribes. The characters are Lottie and Billy. It takes place on the Oregon trail.

Jessica N.

All five books in the Tucket series were entertaining adventures set in the West during the mid-1800s. I thoroughly enjoyed them. They gave a good idea on what life in the West was like - the harshness and difficulty of surviving there. I'll let my kids read them when they are a little bit older.

John Worthington

I made this a really like because Paulsen finally got Tucker back home but not before more adventures. This time, he gets bit by a snake and meets more indians. A great series.


Francis, Lottie, and Billy are back on the search for Francis's family. They meet a British adventurer who gets massacred by robbers, who then track the three kids. Mr. Grimes once again saves them, at the cost of his own life this time. The three then encounter a religious group traveling in wagons and travel with them to the Colombia River. The three go on horseback instead of wagon, and only the three survive the river crossing. Finally, Francis, Lottie, and Billy find Francis's parents.


I loved this little series for kids and I loved how it ended in this book.

Stephanie Vanheel

The fact that I was fighting back tears when Francis finally made it home tells me I really enjoyed this series. A great read with my boys.

Kaleb Day

I believe that this was a fitting end to the series. There was nothing really surprising about the way that it ended. It did leave me with a sense of satisfaction as the ending went almost exactly like I wanted it to go. It left me feeling happy. I am glad to have actually sat down and read this series. I ended up enjoying it a lot more than I thought i would.


This book was good, however it was the worst ov the series. frances and his "family" join holy men on there way to california. They get seperated when frances lottie and billy take the safe way around a river and the holly men decide to go down it. The holy men die, frances lotty and billy settle down by frances's familys farm and frances and lottie get maryed (what the heck?)and billy opens a shiping line on the pacific. I would recamend this book to anyone who likes adventure, westerns, or cheesey endings.


This book is really good

Alex H.

I read the book Tucket’s Home by Gary Paulsen. I read the book that is fiction that’s not true. Back in the old west there were 15 to 20 buffalos running through the fields. An indian man named Iktah was trying to shoot the buffalos. They were trying to shoot the buffalos, because they were trying to go after for them. Billy and Lottie were trying to find Mr. Tucket, and they found him in the fields. He was trying to shoot buffalos, and he got lost. Mr. Tucket was okay when they found him. Mr. Tucket was at home in bed safe. They were so glad when they found him. They meet up with British for an adventure. When Francis’s parents came they thought he was dead but he wasn’t. Francis’s and his parents had a camp fire at his house. Francis’s found Billy and Lottie in an empty wagon because their dad passed away, so Francis’s took care of the kids. Francis and his parent had meat for supper. If you like action in a lot of gun fighting. I will recommend for you to read this book. I will give it 5 stars because it was a good.

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