Twice in a Lifetime

ISBN: 0765354047
ISBN 13: 9780765354044
By: Constance O'Day-Flannery Constance O'Day-Flannery

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About this book

The Yellow Brick Road Gang, otherwise known as Metaphysical Misadventures in the Search for Enlightenment, is a circle of women who came together as a book club.  Together they began a spiritual search -- and throughout the last eight years each woman has arrived at the realization that after all their searching for knowledge they've come full circle.  The only constant is change and the only thing they know for certain is they know nothing.  Anything is possible.   Isabel turns fifty the day after the seventh anniversary of her husband's death. She's convinced she will never find love again -- and the Gang is convinced that all she needs to do is start taking some of her own great advice.  When she meets Joshua--a younger man who wants to give her lessons on love and metaphysics--she finally gives in, heedless of the danger to her heart. But Joshua is both more and less than what he appears to be, and Isabel has to come to terms with herself -- and with Joshua's wonderful and strange provenance. The only way is through the yellow brick road -- which leads Isabel right back home, to the miracles within herself.

Reader's Thoughts


That it was second in a trilogy of stories, Wish I had of known that first. But I still liked IT!

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