Two by Duras

ISBN: 0889104417
ISBN 13: 9780889104419
By: Marguerite Duras Alberto Manguel

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About this book

Contains two novellas:The slut of the Normandy CoastThe Atlantic manandAn interview with Marguerite Duras by Ana Maria Moix --An afterword by Alberto Manguel.

Reader's Thoughts


Second Reading, 6/12/14:After watching Breillat's Anatomy of Hell last night, I was in the mood for specifically this period of Duras, but I've re-read Malady of Death like six times already this year so I thought I'd dip back into this. It seems fractured, perhaps, but still pretty ideal. These short novels carry such enigmatic energy. Structurally I'm not even sure how they work, but they do. Both remain masterpieces, and the 'interview' is fantastic.First reading:Two very short, minimal works, but they're absolutely amazing works. The "two" being: The Slut of the Normandy Coast and The Atlantic Man, both works blowing me away, but the latter actually flooring me and inspiring a (private) performance art piece I did a month or two after reading. Unfortunately the book was in my back pack (along with Nick Land's THIRST FOR ANNIHILATION which, thank-fucking-g0d [as that's a far more pricey & unavailable book]) when I blacked out in Alamo Square and...somehow ended up soaking wet? My guess was sprinklers. The full story actually involves me blacking out, waking up wet & not realizing I didn't have my backpack, my phone dying, and then spending six hours attempting to get home on a holiday where BART didn't start running until way after I needed it to... I got my backpack back and that's not really the whole story but whatever the point is Duras is awesome and it's not a good idea to drink half a liter of whiskey and then leave the club with a bunch of people you've never met before.


'They say it isn't true, but it is true. But misogyny is good, a positive thing for women. Yes, certainly, misogyny hides an indifference that is positive for us. It allows us to remain on the margins, to not take part in the game of the male, a game of power. For years now all male discourse has been one same discourse, repeated, repetitive, very much codified, saying one same thing. The only imaginative discourse today is the discourse of women.'

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